Give Me Music!

Vince loves TV.  I do not!  One of our first Christmases together, he bought me a little TV for the kitchen.  Huh?  I don’t even know what happened to the TV but it didn’t stay long in the kitchen.  I did talk him into getting one of those under the cabinet CD players and I loved that thing!  I guess we left it in the house in KY when we moved, or it could be in one of those unpacked boxes I suppose.

I have a couple of iPod docking stations but have been asking for one for under the cabinet.  We were in Kansas City a month or so ago and I saw one in Target and I can’t remember why Vince decided not to get it but ever since, I’ve been bugging him about it.  While in Joplin yesterday we remembered to look for one.  Sam’s didn’t have one.  Target didn’t have one.  Best Buy had one brand . . not the brand I would have preferred but wet got it it anyway.  Vince came straight home and installed it!

The little holder for the iPod folds down, stick the iPod in and  . .

it folds right back up out of the way.  I’m so happy to have this!


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    Great idea for entertainment in the kitchen. Does it work on remote or do you have to touch a controller? ~ksp

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    Oh Crud Judy L!!! Now I want one of THOSE! 🙂

    You have the best stuff. I wonder if I could plug my Samsung MP3 player into something like that. Something else on the Judy Wants List… 😉 I actually plug it in to the surround sound when I’m home alone.

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    Now you have another place to look when your iPod goes missing. I never knew that there was an under the cabinet docking station. I might have to get one too!