Design Wall Monday – June 28, 2010

Kinda boring — just 75 little nine patches.  Actually there are 74 in this photo because one had fallen on the floor.  Even though this quilt will not e the colors I usually choose, I’m loving it and I think it will be perfect in the guest room!

What’s on your design wall?  Please share!  Quilters love looking at what everyone is working on.


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    That is a ton of nine patches!! Looking forward to seeing what it will be. The link I shared, even though a few weeks old, is still on my design wall. Some progress has been made and I have taken photos and hope to post them later this week.

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    You sure got lots of 9-patches – hopefully we’ll see how they end up in a quilt! I am still using some MDQ leftovers for 9P as well, but of course in a blue-red color scheme, but I am nowhere close to your count. Have a great Monday!

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    Thank you Judy for hosting these Great Mondays! I always look forward to coming home in the evening to see a long list of wonderful tops in the works. I can see you have a big start for another quilt top and look forward to seeing it evolve. Take Care.

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    That’s alot of 9 patches! Not boring at all!! My post shows the beginning of a little quilt that I have had to trim trim trim. Note to self: when making a rail fence, the 2 blocks have to be the same height AND width!

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    My design wall is covered with 4 different quilts right now but the black & white foundation paper pieced one is my favorite. First time to your sight- looking forward to following it. Thanks.

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    Diane says

    just love 9-patches, thanks for hosting- always look forward to seeing what every one is working on!

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    I am so pleased I’ve finally got back to sewing again – and have something to show instead of just lurking and looking at what everyone else is doing. And what’s got me back to it? You have Judy – your blog (and the others) keep me interested – thank you!

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    I had to replace my SBS blocks on the wall to show off my “Aloha” blocks. The panel of applique looking blocks are only 5 3/4″ square so I immediately thought of Disappearing 9-patch. Yours look very small, what color sashing will you use? I am sure something to brighten them up…

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    I have some design floor and design wall action on my post 🙂

    Loving your little 9 patches. They are such a friendly color.

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    I’ve tried doing lists and goals, and it never seems to last very long, although I find I get more done when I do it. I’ve long admired what you are able to accomplish in the space of a week, so maybe I should give the written goals thing another try.

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    Wow, that’s a bunch of little patches! I’m being lazy this week, and don’t have anything to share 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do with all these!

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    Angie says

    I like those blocks, Judy! Just my colors. I wish I had something on my design wall, but life, as you know, has gotten in the way. I did harvest some geranium seed from my outgoing garden and am willing to share them to anyone who would like some. Just go to to see how you can get some. Fresh from this year’s garden.

    Well off to finish ufo #12 -it needs binding and then maybe I’ll be ready to take a pic of it. It’s for a neonatal unit near us.