Clue #5

Sew these Unit #7 pieces to opposite sides of the corresponding pinwheel (Unit 1).  Make 18.

For the remaining 36 flying geese, sew a Unit 4 to both short sides of 36 of the flying geese from Clue #1. You will sew these in sets of 2 (2 per color/block).

Sew Unit 3 to the bottom of the above sections.  Make 36.

Attach to the top and bottom of the pinwheel unit to complete Block 1.


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    Cindy from CA says

    Love this block!

    I don’t know if it is just me and my computer, but I can’t get Clue #4 to open. I just get “ERROR 404 – the page you requested does not exist”.

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    Love it! I had tried to play around with the leftover pieces but did not come up with this arrangement. The star block is great! Can’t wait to get all mine together.