Leaping Deer

I had put a zoom lens on my camera a couple of weeks ago and Chad had it out trying to get shots of the deer.  These two deer hang out in our yard so often that we can get really close to them.  They don’t even run when we walk too close to them.  They’ll just take a few steps away from us and keep watching us.  I think the little buck is telling the doe . . there’s those crazy people with the camera again.

But sometimes there’s a third one with  them and she isn’t as used to seeing us.  Chad got pretty close to her and when she saw him, she took off.  Love the way he caught her with her heels up in the air.

Almost every day the deer are out in the yard but so far, they haven’t figured out how to get into my garden or to my cherry trees.


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    I”m glad they haven’t figured out how to get into your garden. One ran out in front of me a block away from my house last week and I JUST missed hitting it….thank goodness.

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    Jay says

    Wow, that’s pretty exotic! All we get in our back yard are cockatoos (I’ve actually got video on my blog of the 20 or so that visit our back deck every day to get fed) and possums.

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    Great pictures! Remind me of a painting or a picture you would see in a magazine.

    But . . . those deer look pretty thin. Are they hungry? lol

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    Great pictures! I’m glad the deer are leaving your produce alone. While they are lovely animals, they can do some real destruction to plants you’d like to keep.

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    Dawn says

    so pretty to look at but such a menace to the garden.
    Tell Santa to take them back to the North Pole! LOL
    nice capture of the deer leaping into action.

    we are not sure if it is deer in our garden or not but have seen tracks of looks like mama and baby. hopefully they leave some veggies for us!

    Dawn in MA

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    Judy! That first photo is really good! You could print it and sell it! I love the light through the trees and the deer centered nicely. Just beautiful!