Clue #6

The final clue!  Sew the blocks together in rows:

Make 4:

Make 3:

Join the rows to make the top.

Three borders are added to complete the quilt.

Measure your quilt before cutting strips but your border strips should be cut as follows:

Dark Accent
2-1/2” x 84-1/2” (Border #1 Sides)
2-1/2” x 64-1/2” (Border #1 Top & Bottom)

1-1/2” x 88-1/2” (Border #2 Sides)
1-1-2” x  66-1/2” (Border #2 Top & Bottom)

Dark Accent
3-1/2” x 90-1/2” (Border #3 Sides)
3-1/2” x 72-1/2” (Border #3 Top & Bottom)


  1. 1

    Pat Bandura says

    thanks so much for all the designs you present. I’d love to do them all but just don’t have that much energy. I do have a question. When you measure the long strips for the borders how do you do it? It usually take me forever to get accurate cuts.

  2. 2


    Oh boy! That’s just what I was hoping for. Love it! Have you made this quilt yourself yet Judy? It is a great design, very easy to put together and your instructions were clear and concise. Thank you so much for having this mystery. It has been a blast 🙂

  3. 3


    I love the quilt! I posted pictures on my blog. Your clues were easy to follow and I enjoyed making it. Every week I played around with the units but I never came up with the beautiful blocks!

  4. 4

    Jay says

    Really nice… Wish I’d been following the mystery from the start (only found your blog this week), but can’t wait for the next one… Will you be doi g another one soon?

  5. 5


    Thanks so much for a GREAT quilt. It was a lot of fun waiting for the weekly clues. The directions were easy to follow. Can’t wait to see what you may have planned next.

  6. 7



    Thanl you very much for the mysterie. i like your pattern very much. they are special. Is there a name for this quilt?

    Greeting Guilitta