More Trees to Plant

Friday afternoon Vince and I put on our boots, sprayed ourselves with tick spray and went to check the crab apple trees.  They weren’t ready yet.  The lady up at the apple orchard had told me she’d have some for me last week so we drove up there and she hadn’t picked them yet and wouldn’t let us pick them.  She said to come back next week but I’ve driven up there twice when she told me to come and I give up on her.  The ones in the woods will get ready within a few weeks and I’ll get some of those.  I doubt the deer will eat them, they’re so blasted sour, but there are so many back there, I don’t think the deer will get them all.

On our way home from the apple orchard, we stopped by the home improvement store and they had all their trees 40% off.  While this isn’t the best time of year to plant trees, they’re guaranteed for one year so if they don’t make it, I’ll just get some replacements when it is a better time to plant.

We got a crab apple, a plum, an apricot and two apple trees.  We set them out back so we could water them really good and went about our business and forgot all about those pesky deer who came right up and munched all the lower leaves off the trees.

So, for now, til Vince has time to dig holes and build fences around them, they’re inside the fenced garden area, where they’re hopefully safe.

And, speaking of the garden area . . look at these tomato plants.  They are loaded!

My chili peppers are beautiful too!  They’ll get dried, along with ancho peppers that are in the other garden and I’ll make a chili powder blend from them.  Aren’t they so pretty . . bright red against the bright green?

I love my gardens!



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    Wow….look at those tomato plants…one day I’ll have the time to have a real garden vs the pot garden I have right now…love my store but it gets in the way of having a big garden with load of stuff…tomatoes, peppers (all kinds), cucks, but no stinkin’ squash…

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    We only have room for 4 tomato plants, so I am glad they are doing well. We used to have a larger garden in our other house, but don’t have room here. When I see big gardens now, I miss that, but…I don’t miss the weeding and work that went along with it. LOL

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    Thanks for sharing garden pictures….the peppers and tomatoes are making me drool. Here’s to bountiful fruit trees–toasting with coffee. 🙂

    I am so jealous! Our weather has not been garden friendly this year but today the sun will beat down on it. Hopefully the tilling and weeding and watering and the stern talking to of yesterday will get them growing fast today.

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    So how do you go about drying those chili peppers? I’ve been chopping and freezing because I figured in the extreme humidity we have they would rot before drying. Help, please!


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    Eileen Keane says

    We didn’t get our garden in this year, so I’m enjoying yours. lol
    I have 2 apple trees in my yard but didn’t get a single apple this year; I don’t know why. The deer sometimes get the lower ones but I usually have some from the top. Oh well.
    Have fun with the peppers-they look delicious!

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    If we worried about whether we’d be around when our trees were finally bearing fruit (or nuts, or whatever)… nonen of us woud plant trees. Good for you, Judy – maybe those little foundling trees will do fine!