I haven’t done very well with posting my quilting goals, have I?  I need to do better . . for my own good.  With the garden and summer produce around, it’s kinda like having an infant.  My plans don’t matter so much . . I’m ruled by what the garden produces or what I find at the farmers’ markets.  It’s only going to get worse though . . Vince bought 4 more fruit trees yesterday – 2 peach, another apricot and another apple.  I think Vince sees it as planting pollen producing plants for the bees to enjoy.  And today he’s going to the courthouse to find out who owns the land behind us.  He’s determined to get more land.  I just wish we weren’t in the city!  I keep telling myself that the extra we pay in city taxes and our outrageously high water bills is still less than we’d be paying if we were living out in the country and spending $$ for gas driving into town every day.  Speaking of driving . . guess what won’t start again!  I just stuck the key in there this morning to see and nope . . dead.  I’m beginning to terribly dislike that vehicle.  Vince is going to buy a new battery for it tomorrow.  I’m going to be kinda surprised if it’s just the battery . . but what do I know?

Anyway . . back to my goals.  I never intended to publish my daily household chore goals every day.  Most of the time, it’s when I’m crawling into bed that I finalize my list for the next morning and I do those goals before I ever get on the computer.  But, for the record, the list for today included:

  • Clean windows in guest room and bath
  • Clean spots on stairway carpet
  • Vacuum ramp

My quilting goals for today are:

  1. Get borders made for Stars on Black quilt.
  2. Put together border bundle for Stars on Black quilt.

I’ll talk in another post about my border bundles.

And, someone asked in a comment if I ever think of doing something besides a star quilt.  I went back and looked at the list of quilts on my 2010 accomplishments list and of the 19 quilts completed this year, 14 of them did not have stars.  I do love stars and was surprised that so many of my completed quilts did not have stars but there were several made from the peaches & dreams pattern.



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    Judy C in NC says

    Judy L – thanks so much for the email you sent listing your quilts that do not have stars. Now I have a starting point for patterns as I have recently started wanting to make quilts that do not have stars. It seems most of my first quilts were star related and I want to sew something different. I follow your blog daily as you are always so generous with your patterns and information. Isn’t life wonderful when you are doing what you love? Judy C in NC in “her room”