June Mystery

Thank you to everyone who commented on the directions for the June Mystery.  I’m glad you couldn’t figure it out til the end.  That was what I was hoping for!  🙂

Two things I always want you all to know:

  1. Any time we do a quilt along, or mystery or Quilt for an Hour type project, I’ve already written all the instruction posts and have them typed up and scheduled to appear on the blog.  So, if anything happens to me or should we lose power and I can’t post on the scheduled day, the instructions will appear as scheduled.  Many years ago I started a mystery online where we cut what seemed like a zillion 1-1/2″ squares, did maybe 2 parts of the mystery and the person hosting it just disappeared . . seems like from the face of the earth.  That was at least 15 years ago and I’ve always wondered what happened to her but lots of people were left with lots of pieces and we hadn’t gone far enough that anyone I knew was able to figure out how to proceed.  I never want that to happen with my projects and do my best to be sure it doesn’t.
  2. Any quilt you’re going to make, I’ve made it at least once already and often have had someone else test the instructions.  In this case, Judy graciously offered to test the pattern for me and I was throwing clues at her pretty quickly and she kept right up with me.  Thanks so much, Judy!

And, here’s my quilt.  It’s quilted and I was hoping to have it bound before showing you but obviously, that didn’t happen.

I love it and hope that all of you who have made it are happy with the results.



  1. 3

    Judy C in NC says

    Beautiful finish – I was unable to “quilt along” this time but sure did enjoy following the clues. It would be a privilege for me to test any quilt you design. I recently found Dimples fabric on sale and stocked up so I am ready to start a quilt. I am truly loving the “tonal fabrics” of your quilts. Have you ever considered a quilt that does not have stars in it? Just wondering.

  2. 4


    Yes Judy—I’m loving mine (even though the final piecing will probably wait until I get my favorite piecing machine back!) :0( I am a HUGE sucker for “diagonal-irish-chain-like” quilts!!!!! Thanks for the timely clues :0)

  3. 6

    Jay says

    Beautiful quilt and what a great idea to have all the part of the mystery quilt written up and prepared to be posted autmaatically. What is a quilt of the hour?

  4. 7

    MaryF says

    Love it!! Didn’t get a chance to quilt along as I have another mystery going and it is taking up too much time. But will print the pattern in hopes of making this one!

    Thanks for planning ahead for us!

  5. 8


    I love it! I really want to work on mine, but it needs to cool down here a little before I’d be tempted to put the iron on!

  6. 10


    You were very mysterious the whole time indeed, Judy! I’m happy to see your pattern made up in your color choices–so pretty. I love star blocks and was very pleased to see that’s what happened to the pinwheels. Thanks again for the fun time. I’m eager to get mine together too.

  7. 11

    Maureen says

    Thanks for another great quilt, Judy! Mine is not together yet, but I love the way it looks laid out on the floor:-) Your instructions, as always, were very easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing as much as you do!

  8. 12


    Oh Gosh Judy, you are making me blush! 😉 This is the most fun project I’ve done in a very long time. But it was a challenge to keep it secret!!! Thanks for trusting my testing skills.
    I love this quilt!!!

  9. 13

    Jane says

    Oh that is sooo nice!! I didn’t do this one but will the whole pattern be available so I can put it on the to-do list???

  10. 15

    Sharon says

    I am sewing my rows together. Can’t believe I kept up even with a short vacation and getting a quilt ready for a wedding gift. I am a scrap quilter all the way and this is the first quilt I have done in a controlled fabric selection. Used only four fabrics because I had a pretty focus fabric I have had for awhile that I wanted to use. I LOVE mine so far. I never cease to amaze myself!

  11. 16


    This is another lovely quilt ….when is the next book coming out 🙂

    I just spent some time today updating my website – I don’t know how you keep up with the detailed instructions you write in addition to everything else you do. I must sleep a lot more than you do!

  12. 18

    Regina Scott Brooks says

    Hi Judy,

    I missed most of the June Mystery and tried to click the links to the right but they don’t work. Does this have to do with the blog remodel or are they not available anymore? Thanks for the help and I LOVE the re-do!