Louisiana Life

Eileen is my friend from Louisiana.  You’ve heard me talk about her before.  Her husband is Roger.  I haven’t talked too much about him because well . . he’s a man.  I could tell you about his July 4, 1992 fireworks display that none of us will ever forget, especially Roger because we remind him of it often.  Vince has never met them and I keep telling him “those two are the kind of friends everyone should have” and I guess everyone should try to be those kind of friends too.

Anyway, Jessie is their daughter and she’s a talented photographer/writer — very artsy!  This is an article in Madison Magazine about Jessie’s show, “Nutria Queens”, that she shot in Texas and Louisiana a couple of years ago.   Know what a nutria is?  Dinner for some folks!  🙂   Jessie’s article gives a shot of what life is really like for many who live along the bayous of southwest Louisiana and the southeast Texas coast.

I haven’t seen Jessie’s show but just reading the article and Jessie’s thoughts about making the show makes me so proud to be from southwest Louisiana and so proud to have known Jessie since she was knee high to a duck!  That was way back when I had no kids and Jessie and her brother, Rick, would pester my killer dachshund, and I wondered why sane adults ever had children. Some days I still ponder that same question!  🙂

I wasn’t a beauty queen, nor would I skin a nutria but maybe a little insight into life in southwest Louisiana will make you realize why I do some of the crazy things I do and write about on here.  Life is different in Louisiana but it’s a great life and I miss it terribly!


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    denise says

    Oh no – I hope it’s not like mother like daughter — did Eileen teach her daughter to short sheet beds????? I better add another lock to the door now that I know she’s in the same city! 😉

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    Michele Gailey says

    what a lovely article. Makes me want to fly to Wisconson, so I can see the exhibit. Michele

  3. 4

    Patticake says

    I live in Louisiana and know these animals well. almost stepped on a possium the other night, now is a ugly animal.

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    Linda in MI says

    what a facinating article….wish her web site worked…a very talented writer….thankyou

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    Loretta says

    You don’t want to be here now, Judy. The oil spill is causing so many people so much pain. Remember Louisiana as it used to be–I don’t think it will ever be the same again in our lifetime.

  6. 8

    Amy says

    Nutria = swamp rat!

    I’ll add those to the list of things that I won’t be eating in my lifetime, right after crawdads!

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    Thank you for sharing the link to the article. I would love to see the exhibit. Her words are particularly poignant in light of the current ravages in the gulf area. The Louisiana gulf coast was always an area I planned to visit “some day.” I don’t know if I can bring myself to visit now.