Yesterday I needed more cilantro. Vince said he’d run to the store with me. Just as we were checking out, they announced that the next “Cake-a-Rama” was starting in 5 minutes.  The checkout lady said all you had to do was stand on a number and you could win a cake.  Vince didn’t want to do it but I talked him into it.

I parked myself on number 6 and Vince landed on number 12.

Here’s Tim, the nice assistant manager.  Chad used to work t this grocery store.  Wouldn’t you know it . . the girl with the numbers chose number 6 and I got to choose a cake.  Vince as begging for one of those gooey, nasty chocolate cakes.  He kept saying “this one looks really good!”  Nope, don’t think so!  I chose a white cake with some cherry filling.

Not homemade but not bad — especially since I didn’t have to bake it myself.

Thanks Wood’s Grocery for the free cake!


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    They did that at a Winn-Dixie near my house back home. There was a huge elderly facility next door to it. I used to go to the market on Wednesdays just to watch the elderlies standing on their numbers! They were so cute! Oh, gosh, I don’t mean to imply at all that you and Vince are elderies! Really! Forgot I told that story! xox

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    Hi Judy
    I’ve been looking at your mystery quilt instructions again because I think I’d like to have a go at it, because I need another quilt for my bed and this one is really pretty, and I really really need to practise doing some real patchwork where the corners match up, and this one has lots of corners!

    But I’ve got a couple of (probably very stupid) questions:

    1. I don’t buy my fabric at quilt shops, I buy it all over the place (usually seconds and remnants) and so it’s all different widths – so,
    when your instructions say eg 4 1/2 yards of fabric – I’m assuming that’s the length and you’re using a standard width that everyone else but me knows!
    What is the (standard) width you use? or is it 4 1/2 yards square?

    2. The finished top is 72″ x 96″, is that with or without the borders you added? And is that about the size that would fit a single bed without much hanging over the sides? (I’ve found a list of finished quilt sizes on the net that gave 81×107 for a twin bed.)

    I’m going to be biting off more than I can chew and making it into kingsize. Although I think I’ll be doing the maths for the extra blocks AFTER I’ve done the mystery size.

    Thanks v much in advance for answers!

    Lois Goblinf

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      Hi Judy (again, but hopefully before you’ve answered my questions)

      I’ve just been looking at the General & Cutting instructions.
      And because I’ve never ever actually followed a quilt making pattern before, I’m confused.

      When you say for example in background strips 7 – 2″ strips. How do I know how long the strip needs to be?
      I suspect this comes back to everyone else using the same width fabric and you’re cutting across the width to make a strip!

      In the meantime, I’ll cut the squares, as it doesn’t matter the width for those as long as I actually get the right no. of squares.

      Thanks again (and apologies for asking what I think will be pretty stupid questions).
      Lois Goblinf