Design Wall Monday – July 12, 2010

There was no way I was going to let Monday morning get here without something on my design wall but . . it happened.  Nothing!  Nothing the entire week.  I hope it doesn’t happen again soon.  Please everyone post something fun so I can get a “quilty fix” by seeing what others are working on.

Please share a link to your design wall post.  Thanks!


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    Well you’ve been a bit busy in the kitchen, LOL. You should have posted a picture of your pantry as your design wall!

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    Yes, I agree with CJ: you had quite some canning colors going in your kitchen that would have made any design wall happy! Thanks for hosting – and looking forward to a new project on your wall next Monday!

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    Just finished this top on my design wall- totally scrap/stash using! Saw a photo of one like this on someone’s blog and decided to try making my own.

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    Diane says

    I got my post in, I will bet in September when I’m making apple butter (the only canning I do) there will be a blank design wall too.
    Thanks for hosting.

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    I don’t have a design wall (even though I’d love one) but you can have a look at what’s flying off my machine at the moment…

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    My design wall currently has my son’s going-off-to-college quilt. It’s based on your Peaches and Dreams pattern. Thanks for sharing…

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    Susan Torrens says

    Gardens wait for no one! I’ve been making red currant and black currant jam!

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    I dug out an old project I’m thinking of making but I only have about 10 days till Aug that I can work and I have 2 BIG quilts to quilt. This design wall sure makes me hop…hop to it I mean.

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    Don’t count on it…..lot’s of rain and hot weather in the forecast means more tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers coming out of your ears 😉

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    Don’t feel too bad. Blank design walls happen. Just as long as your mind isn’t the same as the wall. I HATE it when the idea BLANK happens… that’s the worst!

    Thanks for hosting!

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    I completely forgot about Design Wall Monday last week, but here I am back again. Happy to have made progress on the quilt for my DD.

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    Gardening is a CHORE! I have blossoms only on my plants in our flowerbeds. I just enjoy eating meals with only stuff from the small garden we have. Canning has to wait for my quilts right now. I was BUSY last week so check out all I did quilty… among other things I checked of a 10 month old UFO and it felt GREAT!

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      Judy I found this though Anya’s website , I can relate to you about the internet problems ,I also just returned from my Mom’s at Luraville, we have been quilting for 2 weeks ,I just posted 2 quilts on my web site and I will be posting more .
      I love what you have been doing and I will be keeping up with you !