Air Conditioning, I Love Thee

This morning I cranked the thermostats down to about 65 hoping to get the house cold enough to stay comfortable the entire day without air conditioning.  It didn’t work.

Promptly at 8 a.m., just as promised, the a/c guys showed up.

Within minutes, the old stuff was out.

The problem with me hanging out in the basement and sewing all day is . . that’s where they’re working and my sewing machine would be right in their way and I couldn’t get to the iron (not that I’m crazy enough to turn it on today anyway).  Hey air conditioner dude!  Can you take your hand off that painted wall?

Here’s my sewing machine and the a/c guys are in that closet.  No matter where I go, I’m in their way.

The last thing I want to do is be in their way.

Ruby said . . Stop complaining!  You should be covered in feathers and live in this coop with no air conditioning!

I figure in 6 more hours I’ll have cool air again.  That’s only about 360 minutes.  Make that 359 minutes!  🙂


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    Linda (Petey) says

    Thinking of you as my air is running and the electric meter is spinning! Hang in there…it will be worth it!
    And I know what you mean about the hand. Last time we had workers they left a hand print on my newly painted ceiling and a footprint on my newly laid carpet! They don’t do it on purpose, do they?

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    We live in an old farm house and only have air on the main floor. Yesterday I finally braved the upstairs and quilted a quilt on the quilting machine. I have been putting it off but my flimsy stack is getting HIGH. Do you have something that you can work on with your machine quilting that wouldn’t be in the way?

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    You should be here in MN, we have a very cool rainy day….no AC needed…..I have a sweatshirt on to keep warm. I’ll send cooling thoughts your way.

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    I just came in from 2hrs outside in the Kansas City heat. I only planned on 1 hr, but that nutty nut grass was masquerading as day lilies, and DGS was helping pull it all. Then we planted the plants I helped dig up at a 85 year old lady’s garden that can no longer carry boxes to the farmers’ market.

    While doing this, we found deer tracks, and lots of plants eaten. They ate half the blossoms on my sedum, and I enjoy those all winter! They like dianthus really well. Be glad you have Vince and the property outside the development so you can put out a deer fence. Is there anything deer don’t like?

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    I hope you are nice and cool real soon. I couldn’t live without a/c and I don’t ever want to. We went to my sister’s last weekend and she doesn’t have air and it was hot and sticky all day. How can they live like that? I’d be crazy in no time. One time when we were there, it was so hot that we got in the car and drove around for a couple of hours. We ended up leaving a few days earlier than planned due to the heat.

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    Judy we’re a “no shoes” house just like you are. I’m curious… when you have workers in, do you ask them to remove their shoes? I never do, and I just cringe when they walk on my carpets, which are a very light oatmeal color. Haven’t had anyone leave a handprint on my walls yet. LOL

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    I tried to make my house a no shoes house a long time ago. It did not work. Are the other chickens jealous because Ruby is your favorite!

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    I just got internet back after being without it all night and most of today and I just saw your email to me. I had NO idea you were without air. Why didn’t you just call? Your room is ready, it’s even freshly painted.

    Hope you’re cool tonight. If not, jump in the car and come on over.

    And you’re taking your feet in your own hands if you go barefoot at my house. You know I find needles all over the place.

    I’ll try not to kill you though.

  9. 10


    I hope by now the a/c is running and you are feeling nice and cool. (Maybe you should bring Ruby in for some “cool” time together? LOL)