Flea Market Finds

Sunday’s trip to Joplin was not supposed to include a trip to the flea market but Vince just can’t pass one up.  He found all kinds of stuff but I found this:

It’s an old All American canner.  The reason I almost got it was because I want a new All American canner — this one — but I can’t get anything til I know if I’m getting the new kitchen.

Vince found a router, some tools, and I can’t remember what else.

The cooler was in there because we were going to Sam’s.   The straw . . that’s in there because he carries bundles of straw to use with the chickens.  We had planned to take the Highlander, new battery and all.  When Vince asked me to got to Joplin, I said “only if we don’t take the pickup!”  I will never forget that the truck left us stranded in Joplin!  Just as we were getting ready to walk out the door, the weather alarm went off and said we had a chance of thunderstorms with hail.  You know the Highlander wasn’t getting out of the garage with a chance of hail.  Vince looked at my car.  It’s filthy from the dirt roads I travel.  He said “We’re taking the pickup!”  Now that the air conditioner is fixed, I think it has the best air conditioner of all our vehicles.  So, we took the pickup and it’s a good thing with all he ended up buying.  It got us there and back and that’s about all I should expect of it.


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    LInda in NE says

    Tell me again why you have the Highlander?? The poor thing just molders away in the garage. I know it just wants to get out on the road & fly………….. 🙂

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    My mom canned in a pressure canner just like that one for over 50 years. It was so heavy that my dad had to put it on the stove and take it off for her. I was always afraid the thing was going to explode. Some canners of that era did blow up. I’m so glad that you would never buy an old one to actually use.