The Necessities of Life

Can you even remember life before the internet?  I can but I have to think hard.  And, I don’t want to think about it.  I don’t want to live without the internet . . not even for an hour!

After we tried Magic Jack for a while and decided it would work for us, we scheduled to have the home phone turned off.  Since we had internet (DSL) through AT&T, and part of our home phone line, that all had to be switched over.  Our understanding was that the internet would be “fixed” so it would run without the home phone, and then the home phone would be turned off.  Monday (yesterday) was the big day.  Do you think it went like we thought it would?  NO!

When I got up at 5:30 a.m., I realized we had no phone and no internet.  Thank goodness I wondered if everything would go according to plan and late last night scheduled a few blog posts to show up.  But, I needed to make bread and my recipe was on my blog; I needed to mail a quilt to a lady and couldn’t sign on to my UPS account; I needed to check mileage to where I was doing a trunk show last night and couldn’t get onto mapquest.

By 5 p.m., I had given up hope of having the phone company show up and guess who drove up!

There was hope I would have internet before the day was over.

Quit looking around, buddy, and get my internet working!  I’ve been 12 hours without it and things could get ugly quickly!  🙂  Seriously, he was a very nice guy.  He fixed my internet!  We got the new “U-Verse” which is a whole lot faster than our regular DSL so I’m happy again.  The repairman left with an ice cold Dr. Pepper and warm, fresh from the oven, focaccia bread.  No one leaves my house hungry!

And do you want to hear my sad tale for today?  The air conditioner crew will be here at 8 a.m. to change out our air conditioner system.  I asked them “when will you turn off the air conditioner?” and they said . . 8:01!  It’s going to be a long, hot day at my house.  I was afraid to ask them what time they guess they’ll have it finished and cool air flowing through the vents again.  You can bet there won’t be any cooking or canning going on around here today.


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    I know exactly what you mean… We had the guys erecting our new carport sever our cable Internet line and I was having Internet withdrawals during the 24 hours it took Telstra to get it up and running again. I love my iPad and all but it’s not as fun if i can check email, surf the web of read my favourite blogs!
    Good luck with the air-conditioning.

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    Yes, but think of all the extra time in your day when you’re without the internet!

    No a/c? Sounds like a good day to spend away from home 🙂

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    pdudgeon says

    if there were no internet my life would be totally different ( and not for the better!) today. and i probably would not be quilting either, or buying fabric! isn’t it amazing how differently our lives would be and how much we depend upon the internet to be there for us.

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    I hope the a/c job is faster than the internet/phone job! If it gets too hot, I guess you can go out and go…..SHOPPING…..might be a good day to go to the air conditioned stores!!!

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    Jackie Warren says

    Judy, hope that you can stay cool today. Also hope that they finish today too. Allen just told me that tomorrow is supposed to be 98 with heat index 115. Wouldn’t you know. Tomorrow evening we are having the Church fish fry at our house – about 80 people. They probably will eat and run….

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    Becky R says

    I agree with Sarah. Grab a fan and go to the basement and sew, sew, sew. This just became the sewing day you were wanting!

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    I would rather be without the internet than without the A/C!! Did you get the cool front? We were at 65F this am…

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    Unfortunately, your experience is not uncommon–I have too many friends that have been there, done that. AT&T balked when I ordered DSL and no phone line, but I honestly think starting out this way has prevented the problems all my friends experience when their phone effects their internet (or the other way ’round).

    My internet has been turned off in preparation for my move … but I’m close enough to the public library to pick up their WiFi. I will have to wait 7-10 days for an appointment with the cable company … I doubt I’ll be close enough to any public WiFi to benefit in the new place and I’m not looking forward to it. Last night I kept thinking of things I needed to make sure I had stored locally or printed.

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    Donna in KS says

    We just had to have a new A/C-furnace installed! We do have a portable A/C…..don’t need it often but it sure is a life saver/wife saver, husband calls it! The job did take the better part of a day. Yeah, I think I would sew with fans on and just stay out of their way. I often wonder what service techs (for any thing here) think with my husband following/visiting with them while they do their work! He helped the A/C guys all day long!!!!!! Tomorrow will be a better day!

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    Linda in NE says

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the AC job goes quickly & well. Like others have said, retire to the basement with fans & sew. Does your local library have wifi access? In that case, if the basement gets warm & sticky as well, grab your laptop and head for the library. You could surely spend some time web surfing and browsing the books.

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    Judy I’m interested in your Magic Jack. I’m interested in switching to it if it works well. I had my home phone switched to “vacation” while we’re on this mission trip so that it gives a forward number to call (my cell) and only cost about $6 a month. But when we get home I’m thinking of having it taken out. No problems with the Magic Jack? blessings, marlene

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    We’ve been experiencing frequent power outages in Phoenix the last few weeks. It’s supposed to hit 115 degrees here today and let me tell you the coolness from the AC does not last long when it’s that hot out. Plus, the outages always seem to occur right when the DVR is supposed to be taping a show I’m dying to see. Plus, the Internet is down and you’re right … what did we ever do before? It is hard to remember. =) Loved your quit looking around, buddy, comment!!!