Blog Re-Do

Some have noticed the blog looks different.   There are still some kinks being worked out so please be patient.  I will track down the free patterns and get them back somewhere.  They’re not “lost”, they’re just missing . . I think.

Darcy at Graphically Designing did the new blog for me and she’s continuing to work on a couple of things.  I only wish I were able to do the things she knows how to do!

You might notice this little button over on the sidebar:

Underneath it is some code that you can copy and add to your blog if you’d like.  That way, people will see it and know that you read my blog and since they already know you’re a good person, then they’ll think maybe I’m a good person and they’ll come see me too!  🙂   Once we get my blog all set up and done, I’ll make a little announcement about the benefits of having that little button on your blog so grab it and set it up and be watching for an announcement about it soon.


  1. 1

    ida says

    I noticed right away because I subscribe through Google Reader. Suddenly all of your lovely photos were with your posts. Previously, I could read a few lines of text, then had to pop over to your actual blog for everything. Now it all shows up on Google Reader.

    Even though your blog is worth the extra work, I’m lovin’ this change!


  2. 4

    Angie says

    I like your new blog design. The only suggestions I would make is to have the color of the font be just a tad darker grey as these old eyes would be able to read it better. I liked your post on the tomatoe relish – you get so much done! and 5 dozen tamales !! I feel I don’t use my time right when I read of all you’ve done in one day. While you were canning, I took the train to the beach and spent the afternoon enjoying the cool breeze and talking with two friends.

    Oh, well, tomorrow is another day.

  3. 5

    peggy says

    My 35 year old son told me a few weeks ago he considers me “tech savvy.” I hope he’s right.

  4. 8


    I LOVE your new look 🙂 I’ll add your button on to my blog. I don’t have a lot of readers, but every little bit helps I suppose! Thanks for your great blog – I have been a lurker for too long! LOL!

  5. 10


    I put the button on my blog and added a post about your blog. I hope that will send tons of nice people your way.

  6. 13


    Oh I am so proud of myself – I figured out how to add your button to my blog! ( yes simple things do make me happy – LOL) I like the new layout- particularly the chicken.

  7. 14


    Nice new look. The photos still don’t show up in my RSS reader until I click the link, but it’s worth the effort! How do I add the code for your button to my WordPress blog?

  8. 15


    I think I’m liking the new look…though I like your old one this one looks like it will be a fun new change. Darcy is so cool and it’s great to get a chance to see her work.
    Have a great day…off to grab your button.

  9. 21


    Well…it is obvious that I am NOT tech savy. I have tried to get the button and put it on my blog and can’t. I copied the html code but I keep getting asked to “specify an image” and I can’t right click and copy the photo from your sidebar. *sigh* I have done this before but it won’t work for me now….what’s up with THAT? OH, well…….I’ll try again later….if my fuzzy brain remembers, that is!

  10. 22


    I like the new look! I have been playing around with my blog this week – was able to change the font on a few things.

    Proudly displaying your button!

  11. 23

    pdudgeon says

    yea, me too on problems with the copy and paste HTML code for the button.
    (highlighting works great, but the computer has absolutely no idea what to do next).
    we’ll get there eventually!

  12. 25


    It looks really good. I’ve been thinking for a while a button to your blog would be useful, so I could just go straight to it. Thanks!

  13. 28

    Linda in NE says

    I like your blog’s new look a lot, especially the new header. It just looks so fun and cheerful. Sharing your profile photo with Ruby is the perfect touch.

  14. 30

    Pat from Spokane says

    Judy, I may be getting too old, but I find the text in the new blog hard to read. The font is not dark enough. Also, the yellow headings in the right margin are almost unreadable for me. I like to be able to really SEE everything without squinting or taking off my glasses and getting up close to the screen. Just a thought.

  15. 31


    I’ve put that button on my blog in the same space where I’m tracking my fabric used ! (It also makes it easier for me to come back here quickly !) Thanks Judy 🙂