Fabric for a Project

Since I haven’t had anything on my design wall to show in what seems like forever, would you like to see the fabrics I’ve chosen for my next quilt?  The borders are made.  The blocks. . well they’ve been put aside for another project.

Three backgrounds, black and 9 brights.  I love the fabrics.  I love the design . . a lot, but I just can’t seem to get this top made.  The borders have been made for weeks.  Every time I get the fabric out to start making the blocks, a more pressing project surfaces.  Will I ever get this one done?  Each day I think .. today I’m going to sew . . no cooking, no cleaning . . just sewing . . and it doesn’t seem to happen.

Often it’s projects I don’t want to complete that linger on the cutting table and I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to get them done but this one, I really want to see how it turns out.  Maybe today is the day I find time to sew!


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    Judy, I must be missing something, but how do you decide on a border before you make the center or body of the quilt. Is it because you are using Electric Quilt software that you can make a border first? or some other method? I like your new remodeled Blog!

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    Gwynette says

    If it wasn’t for canning, I could get some quilting done, also. I walk by my studio, look in the door at the fabric beckoning and go fill more jars. Thankful to have the produce, but sure cuts into my quilting time!!!!

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      Oh, I’m not missing my mo-jo . . I’m itching to get down to sew but the crab apples, basil, tomatoes and whatever else is lurking out there that needs putting up gets my attention first. Sewing can wait .. the produce cannot. Every day I think I’ll get sewing time and then something else needs picking and processing. Yesterday was crab apples; today has been basil. This afternoon . . I am going to sew!

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    Judy in MI says

    Have you considered hiring a sous chef to help you with your cooking? He/she could do all the chopping and prep work, clean the kitchen, other household chores, etc. That would leave you more time to sew!! I think it’s a great idea cause I think your garden is overrunning your creativity. I’m sure you could hire some good looking French gentleman to help you (haha) with your kitchen work.

    On another subject, it is hard to see when typing a comment to you – the letters are very dull next to the background – maybe it’s just me – but just an observation.

    Enjoy the day – can’t wait to see this quilt!!

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    Jay says

    Make a promise to yourself that ‘your’ project is as important as any other ‘urgent’ project… Those great fabrics deserve to be sewn up!

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL i SOOO understand where you’re comming from. only in my case it’s a top that just keeps on growing. I think i’ve got it to a stoping place for now; i’d better or i’ll need more fabric!