Grabbing the Button

I’m the last person anyone would want computer related advice from but for those having trouble copying the code, try this:

<a href=””><img alt=”Patchwork Times” height=”125″ width=”125″ title=”Come on over!”   src=””></a>

What you do with it after you copy it . . I have no idea!


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    One more question, do you have your blog page set where you can not click to copy an image?? I don’t get the copy box when I click to copy, so that does not work either. 🙁

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    There is no way to copy and paste either of the codes to allow me to get the button – yours or the the other one. It wouldn’t work last night and it won’t work today. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    Love your new look!!

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    Very snazzy new look! I don’t quite know how I did it, but I was actually able to get your button. It was too cute to resist.

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    Denise says

    I did it! In order to copy and paste it. Highlight it and then go to your top tool bar. Edit, in the drop down screen click copy. I added it to my WordPress blog, so just open a text box and paste it in and save it but then go back and look at the text that was pasted again. For some reason it’s adding in extra quotation marks automatically for me. It’s putting in straight up and down marks like this ” but it’s also putting in extra ones that look slightly slanted. Delete all the slanted ones throughout the whole thing and voila! it works!!

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    here is how I did it on blogger. right click on button and select save picture as … this saves the pic to your computer….go to blog and click design,then gadget, then add picture….click browse and find the button picture in pictures……oh in another window open patchwork times and copy the address bar….back on add picture paste the address bar info where it says link……erase the http:// that is there first …….was this clear as mud ??? LOL

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    Angie says

    My blog now has the button. Thanks so much for the darker grey color on the font and the larger size too!
    My old eyes appreciate it.

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    I just did it the original way on blogger (for lack of a better description). When I got back here to post about it, I found that Anna McD. had already explained it. It works just fine : ) I didn’t erase the http://

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    I added the button to my blog the same was as Anna McD. It looks great! Thanks for providing it for us Judy.

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    Sherry says

    Could not get the button to work by using copy/paste. I did figure out another way to do it, though. I guess now I’ll have to start blogging again. My last post was in March of 2009.

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    I find it easier to copy and paste the code than to try and pick up buttons themselves.

    One way to do it is to use your mouse to highlight the code text (if you have trouble with only highlighting the code, and you’re on Windows, click your cursor at the beginning, hold down your shift key and use your arrow key to highlight what you want. Then release the shift key). Then hold down the CTRL key and press the C key and let go – this copies the highlighted text.
    Then in blogspot, go to Design, and Gadgets – pick the HTML code gadget, when it opens, put your cursor in the main gadget pane, hold down the CTRL key and press the V key and let go.
    This pastes the highlighted text. Close and save the HTML gadget and save the Blog Design page (after moving the gadget to wherever you want positionwise in your blog) then it’ll come up with the button on your blog automatically.