One Less Green Shirt

Vince and Chad were out working in the yard over the weekend.

I said “Smile!”  They both turned around and Vince waived.

I said “That shirt HAS to go!”  Vince said “It’s so cool . . and breezy!  It’s just getting broken in.  Don’t you throw away my shirt!”

When he took it off and tossed it in the dirty clothes, and then turned his back, I grabbed it and tossed it in the trash.  Think he’ll miss it?


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    Cute new look to the blog and YES….he will miss the shirt….the next time it is super-hot and he is going out to work in the yard. He will look for that “air-conditioned” shirt and rant ask if you threw it away. Maybe you can tell him you put it out in the yard and a raccoon must have stolen it during the night?

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    Debbie says

    Love your new look. Poor Vince, but seriously, Judy, the shirt had to go. You are too funny!

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    Diane says

    If I didn’t occasionally toss out some of Paul’s more “vintage’ t-shirts. He’d still be wearing the ones he brought to the marriage 28+ years ago. I don’t understand their obsession with solid colored t-shirts. He never notices (or doesn’t comment) when they disappear– only will comment when there are 3-4 nice unfaded new ones in his drawer. And it’s usually, ‘why did you get me new t-shirts? The other ones were fine.”

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    Uh-oh….I hate to say it, but …… “yup–he’s gonna miss it.” If he’s anything like my hubby who has one TATTERED TO BITS shirt that he wears to “be cool” when it’s hot outside; he’ll miss it.

    How many green shirts does he HAVE anyway???

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    Yip, shirts must go….just did a major shirt drawer reduction the other day. And sniveled and whined wondering where his favorite shirts are. Men are like that, yes they are. 😉 Funny Vince!!!

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    pdudgeon says

    ROTFLOL, tell him if he want’s ‘air conditioned” shirts you’ll be happy to pick up a mesh t-shirt the next time you’re shopping at the mall…….which will be during a showstorm in July, right???? hehehe

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    Katie says

    My hubby had one almost this bad – it had holes worn through it all over, about the size of dimes. I threw it away once and he fished it back out of the trash! Then I got out the scissors and cut it into four pieces…that solved it. Glad to see I’m not the only wife who has these problems.

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    Yikes! You changed your blog! For a split second I thought someone else was blogging about Vince and Chad…and yes, he is going to know you threw away the shirt the first time he starts looking for “air conditioned shirt”…

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    LOL……..sorry, but he will notice and ask about it…….it’s ashame that men can’t find the mayo in the frig; their socks in the drawer; the tie on Sunday; but you throw away that favorite shirt or too small pair of shorts or ragged tennis shoes and they…..all of a sudden…..notice………LOL

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    Judy, I enjoy the new look of your blog. As for Vince, there is no hope……time to accept the ugly green as part of your home life. I hope he changes into someting nicer when he goes out in the real world.

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    How did you do it?

    and, I do that with SO’s socks… he has a real attachment to them. When I get them in the laundry, they don’t make it back into his drawers!

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    Jane says

    LOL Oh Judy…my hubby had a pair of track pants…worn so thin they were almost see-through…….I finally threw them out…, he would never wear them outside of the house but still…I had to look at them!!! I like Katie’s idea of cutting it into 4 pieces…smart lady!!!! 🙂

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    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    My DH notices when his old faded ‘blue’ T shirts go missing. I mean the collar is hanging by a thread in the front and one in the back and Heaven forbid I throw away a flannel shirt. He uses them in the garden cutting okra, but I think when the elbows are gone and split to the shoulder and one side of the front mostly gone….. it’s time to PITCH~~~

    I see you ‘found’ the free patterns. Thanks, Judy!!!

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    Toni says

    I always recycle old t-shirts into cleaning rags to use in the garage. Love the new look!

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    I could send you a dozen white t-shirts that look the same. I still can’t throw out anything of Chris’ unless we discuss and agree that it’s time to dispose of it. Over time I have decided to consider it a good trait that he is so loyal – otherwise he would have tossed me out years ago! lol!

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    Carol says

    Some people pay extra for ready-made holes in their jeans. Not my DH; he makes his own. I wonder if the “I like it that way” attitude is genetic. Too many men in my family wear worn out clothes that even a charity wouldn’t give away! LOL.
    Love the look of your new blog.

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