What’s This?

This tree is growing  just on the creek bank beside my house.

Don’t worry . . I’m not going to eat it or make jelly out of it til I know it’s safe but . . I did break one open and take a tiny taste.  It’s almost all seed and the little pulp that it has kinda resemble a plum and it’s real sour.  Anyone know what it is?  Thanks!


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    Marilyn says

    Hope that someone doesn’t tell you that it’s edible…..you will be working in the kitchen
    again. I wish that I had a decent size kitchen in my condo so that I could can a few
    things. Reading your blog makes me want that even more, love to read about all of
    your adventures. Especially the handsome man in the green shirt.

  2. 3


    What’s WRONG with you??? Don’t you know that even a little bitty taste of something might KILL you? Hello! You got your Epi pen on you when you do things like that? Crikey, I hope there are no wild mushrooms growing anywhere around you.

    Dibs on your long arm.

  3. 5


    It looks like chokecherry to me. The berries need allot of sugar but it makes wonderful syrup for pancakes. Just want you needed…..something more to can!!!!

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    Marie says

    Have one of these right here in my yard. Its over 40 foot tall, too. Been here a long time. We called them wild cherry trees. The only ones that really enjoy these trees are the birds and the squirrels.

  5. 7

    Linda in NE says

    I agree with a previous comment…chokecherry. They make good jelly but straight off the bush/tree they’ll pucker you right up with sourness. I made the mistake of trying to eat one when I was a kid…memorable.

  6. 8


    what I would do is take a clipping of the bush to the local extension office and have see what they say. It could be a chokecherry, but here there is another tree that looks almost the same as chokecherry but they are not safe to eat/use.

  7. 9


    It doesn’t look like chokecherry to me as your fruit isn’t hanging in clusters. I think it’s a wild cherry. Do the birds eat them? If the birds eat them, I doubt they’re likely to kill you. Asking someone at the extension service is a good idea. You could also send a picture to your universities horticulture division for identification. Is there a horticulture dept. where Chad goes to school? Maybe you could take it there or email it to them.

  8. 10


    I doubt its chokecherry too because of the lack of clusters of fruit. Too bad because chokecherry syrup on pancakes is to die for!

  9. 14

    Karla Whittington says

    no sorry take that back the leaves are different. I just cooked up1 gallon of wild grapes must have them on the brain.

  10. 15


    The way you describe them, they look like what we use to call “pin cherries”. Can’t be certain if that is there real name. We ate them all the time when we were kids. YUP …… I’m still living!!!

  11. 16

    Deb says

    I would have guessed Pin cherries too, and they make EXCELLENT jam!! One of my favorites….Pick, pick pick, if you find out they are! We have alot of them around here, but I havent seen any for a while (you have to go out in the woods….)

  12. 17


    I agree with many others, I think it is a chokecherry. Did it taste bitter and make your mouth pucker like you had some alum in it? If it is they make really good jelly.