Design Wall Monday – July 19, 2010

Let’s home Mr. Linky works better today than yesterday.

At least I have something on my design wall, even though it isn’t anywhere close to being finished.  These are about 1/4 of the flying geese I will need.

What’s on your design wall?


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    Flying geese – that’s on my sewing schedule for this week as well. Mr Linky is doing it agin. Same thing as yesterday: can’t copy into the box, but can type it. Happy sewing!

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    Sarah says

    I didn’t have any trouble with Mr. Linky, so something must be working. Love the colors use are using – I’ve always like the Amish style of black and solids, but I also enjoy the brighter fabrics you are using so when I see things like what you have up it really appeals!

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    Kathie L. says

    Mr Linky still acting weird but if you hit control V it will paste your link in.

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    I had to type to get my link in the box, too. Love the bright backgrounds on the geese. I’m sure it will be a really neat quilt. I miss all my sewing time in the summer, but I’m trying to soak up some inspiration with the sunshine and dips in the lakes!

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    Vacation time is coming up so I’m rushing to get some things finished and NOT neglect things like laundry-exercise-cooking…

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    lovely colors…your choices make me happy 🙂

    I had to type my link 🙁 I am using Firefox, could that be an issue?

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    Mr Linky didn’t work like it used to but I got it there. I posted my wall early this morning linking to your main site. I’ll fix that, hopefully it will be easier than linking to mine was this morning. I’m showing the beginings of my new Round Robin today. Glad you are working on something new. Canning and garden stuff is fun, but I like quilting much more.

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    Susan in Kingston On says

    Great colours as usual! I’m trying to get some quilting done, but I was informed that we’re almost out of bread, so I have just set some rolled oats to soak in boiling water for some oatmeal bread!

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    Donna Catron says

    Judy, I believe that is a wild cherry tree. I don’t know if they are edible are not. My mother always said they weren’t….but I don’t know if she is correct.


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    flying geese, this will be very pretty. I will have to see what you are up to besides all the canning and cooking you are doing. I don’t have a passion for cooking so our garden is small and we eat as we go. You are one busy lady!!

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    Ok, my design wall link is up. Won’t have time this morning to check everyone else out, but will later. Judy, glad to see you have been sewing, yay!

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    Such lovely brights!

    I’m looking forward to sewing this weekend – after I clean up my messy sewing room and get the new sewing machine out of the box!

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    Angie says

    I’m interested to know what you will do with those birds. You color choices are always so intriguing and bright.

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    I just got mine up on my design wall tonight, I am making a 53″ X56″ rag quilt with white chennie hearts. I have it in place if you would look at it, however right after I had finished putting it togther to get the photo well my DH knocked all my blocks off lol. and I had to start all over.. I put it back somewhat I will have a better photo when I get it better lined up.. love your site!!

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    Love your colors and design can’t wait to see it finished!!