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When I was in Louisiana earlier this year, I met Jamie of Baby Boomer Quilting Bee.  She’s a very nice and friendly lady and . . she does fantastic quilting on her sewing machine!  Check out this quilt.  I’m so impressed with her quilting.  When I read her blog tonight, I see that she’s now posting some free patterns on her site, the first being the quilt shown in the above link.  Jamie’s blog is an inspiration to me and I think it will be to you too.


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    Gwen says

    I enjoy her blog. Started reading it after seeing her things on Design Wall Monday. Have found several interesting gals that way.

  2. 3

    Donita Q says

    Yes, she is an inspiration to us all. Her machine quilting is beautiful! And she uses her home machine.

  3. 4


    I woke up this morning to a huge surprise! I could not believe my eyes, seeing the Baby Boomer Promotion. I feel like Quilting Royalty has visited my home. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t read your posts, enjoying each with laughter and total understanding. You have been blessed with a gift of telling the “story of life”.

    Take care, Jamie

  4. 5

    WiAmy says

    This is an absolutely adorable pattern. It looks fun to make too. I couldn’t get more than the first page to print, but I did take notes so hopefully I can make it in the future. Do you have to sign up to google to be able to print? Thanks Jamie (and Judy for sharing your site). I see you as a budding star!