Jazzy Nights

Yep, that’s what we have around here . . Jazzy Nights!  🙂  Not really . . that’s the name of my quilt that’s in the current issue of Quiltmaker magazine.  Click on the link to see a preview.  Except that it’s bright, Jazzy Nights is not my normal quilt design.  It’s easy (which I think most of my patterns are), it’s “no-fault” (points don’t have to be perfect or match), it’s kinda playful and can be made using a lot of scraps.

Two things I want to tell you.  First, the Quiltmaker people are very, very nice to work with.  If you have a design you think might work for their publications (any of them in the Creative Crafts Group), submit it!  You never know what they will want and if they don’t choose your design, it could be because it just doesn’t fit their upcoming issues or they have had or have something very similar coming out soon.  Don’t be disappointed if your design isn’t chosen and what I’ll preach til I can preach no longer . . You never know what might happen if you don’t submit it!

Second thing:  Just because I don’t show what I’m working on doesn’t mean I’m not working.  The design in this magazine issue is one I didn’t share on the blog.  I showed a group of half square triangles and some pieces but I didn’t show much because it needs to be a surprise.  You never know what I’m working on.  Yes, there are surprises in the pipeline.  So please don’t get aggravated at me when I’m not showing enough quilt related content.  Sometimes I just can’t but you don’t know how badly I want to.

You should see the stars I’m working on today!  🙂


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    Congrats! I will be checking anxiously till my copy arrives. Great timing…I just renewed my subscription after a couple years off.

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    Love that quilt ! … I dont buy many magazines anymore because they are too to simple or promotions for the gaudy 70’s prints. (been there. lived it. Done . rofl) This mag I will find. thanks

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    Congratulations Judy on getting your sharp-stunningly beautiful quilt published! I subscribe to Quiltmaker. It’s one of my favorite mags. Hope to see your Stars someday soon!

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    Congratulations on getting a quilt in Quiltmaker! I can’t wait to see that issue. (And……will your “Followers” button be back on your blog soon? I have a friend who SO wants to join!)

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    Pat says

    Whether you post all your quilty stuff or not, I thoroughly enjoy your blog! You are one talented lady!

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    Carol says

    Wonderful! Congrats. Can’t wait for my issue to come. Thanks for another great pattern.

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    Jackie Warren says

    Good for you, Judy. I will definitely get this copy. The quilt is beautiful like all the rest.