Design Wall Monday – July 26, 2010

Once again, nothing on my wall.  I’m real close to getting something up but just can’t make it happen in time.

Please share what’s on your wall.  Thanks to all who are participating.  I hear from so many people, some of whom aren’t even bloggers, who love seeing what’s on all the walls.


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    I so enjoy seeing everyone’s work in progress that I am attemting a blog of my own so I too can post my work. Thank you Judy for the creative outlet.

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    Yes Judy, this is pretty awesome. It’s become a Monday morning ritual to come check out what everyone is up to while I wash the bed linens! 🙂 Now… any chance you could throw in croissants and fresh strawberries we can download and munch on while we drool over everyone’s work? 🙂

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    Mary says

    I finally have something up again on my design wall. Thanks Judy, for hosting this…such a great idea and a wonderful motivator.

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    Susan Torrens says

    My design wall has blocks on it, and its all your fault! If you hadn’t suggested a visit to Jamie’s blog, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the quilt there and begun to make one for myself! Thanks Judy. When I get a few more blocks finished, I’ll have to get back to quilting a couple of other projects.

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    Jackie Hicks says

    I guess your design wall was tomatoes this week – lol.
    I canned tomatoes like crazy last year which turned out to be a good thing as we lost our plants this year and won’t have hardly any to eat – much less can.

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    I am so glad you offer us chances to see and share our design walls…it inspires me to try to work on something to show for each week 🙂

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    Maybe this will get the bargello jacket off my OTHER design wall. I think it has been there for 2 years! No kidding!

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    My Marti Michell American Beauty Quilt is nearly ready to finish. Only 3 Blocks left to go and I have started cutting the sashings so I can put it together. I am not as quick as you at finishing a top. My Disappearing 9 patch is the pattern that goes together very quickly. I have one of those in the works also this week. Congrats on finally getting near to your “dream” gas Stove and new Kitchen.

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    Jane says

    It’s not like you don’t get anything else done all week!! I get tired reading about it all and am sooooo impressed every day!! 🙂 Your pantry blew me away and I can only dream about being “just like you”!! lol I see you are back to the new blog design.

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    Oh boy. I’m having trouble. I posted my link, then it disappeared. Then I reposted it, only in the wrong place. So I’m posting it again. Hoping it “takes” this time. I’ve been looking at some of your design walls. Very impressive.

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    Donna in KS says

    It was so nice to click on and see the fresh, bright new look again! I do enjoy looking at everyones DW on Monday too. Though I am not a blogger, I do appreciate the opportunity you give us to see across the quilting world; thanks again, Judy!

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    Ah, it makes me feel a bit better knowing you’ve been busy canning, drying, soaking, baking, etc, and you haven’t had time to sew too! Otherwise, I might start thinking you have elves helping at night and I’m quite sure Speck would NOT approve of the little guys 😉

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    I love the inspiration I get from looking at all the truly gorgeous works of art that are posted on your blog on Design Wall Mondays. I really look forward to it. Thanks!

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    What a great idea – can’t wait to see everyone’s work. We have so few quilt artists here – this will be a great help! Thanks