It’s Hot! Miserably Hot

Maybe I’m just old and having too many power surges but it is so hot this year.  Having lived most of my life in southwest Louisiana, where it never got very cold, it’s hard for me to believe we get this in the winter:

Or this:

Or these icicles:

Or the frozen fog:

Or Chad’s ice sculpture that made the newspaper . .

to this:

The 100° outside temp was the temp . . not the heat index.  Remind me to never complain about winter again!


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    Right now it’s 68 inside and 60 outside, earlier it was all misty and almost rain. I’m cold and I’m cranky! I have 2 loads of clothes to hang out and I don’t want to run the dryer! Wanna trade??? 😉 I think I’ll bake!

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      I can’t even imagine those temps in July! I might would trade. Can I think about it for a while? 🙂

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    I’m with you, Judy! I’m in the West St. Louis County area (heard you speak at Bits ‘n Pieces Guild last summer) and I’m roasting, too. I find that the hot weather triggers my “power surges” even more. Doesn’t an Alaskan Quilting Cruise sound great?

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    I hate the humidity but I can take or leave the heat. I’d much rather have 72 degree weather all year round with a slight breeze. Is there such a place?

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      Maybe . . but of the places I’ve spent most of my time — Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky and Missouri . . I haven’t found such a place.

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    lw says

    I live in Torrance, CA about 4 miles inland from the beach and it hasn’t gotten warm yet this year. The high temperatures have been in the high 60’s and I need a sweater to walk between buildings in Redondo Beach where I work. Too bad we can’t mix our weather and both get something in the low 80’s.

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    peggy says

    I, too, live in CA. Central coastal CA. We have been complaining about the fog and temps in the low 60s. I WOULD NOT want your weather, ever, but a compromise would be good.

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    Melanie says

    Welcome to Missouri, Judy. If you can live here, you can live anywhere, because we have every kind of weather there is. It will be cool soon enough; the frost bugs are singing. (locusts)

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    It has been a miserably hot summer here in Amarillo, TX this summer. More humidity than there is EVER supposed to be here and it’s crazy hot.

    Yeah, I won’t complain about our past winter any more, promise Mr. Old Man Winter 🙂