The Binding Video

Posting a picture of adding binding seems to have generated interest in my binding video.  I do finish my binding by machine and you have to look very closely to know that it’s even done by machine.  I do sew the folded binding on to the front of the quilt first, then flip it over, pin very closely and stitch right in the ditch from the front side.  There are many ways to finish binding by machine – with a decorative stitch from the front or back, with a straight stitch from the back but I prefer the method I use because unless someone looks

In this post I wrote about how I finish the binding and include a video.  For those times when you need to review that post and can’t find it, you can either go to the search option on the sidebar and type in binding video or you can go up to the Tutorials tab above and scroll through them all til you come to that post.


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    Melinda says

    That is a great video. I watched it when you first posted it. I immediately went and tried it out with great success. No more hand stitching the back for me!

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    Lizzy Hentze says

    Hi Judy,
    I have a couple questions!
    1. When you trim your quilt before binding, how much allowance are you leaving on the edge of the quilt? I usually trim flush with the edge of the quilt but I think that is not quite right. (read below!)
    2. What size seam allowance you use when you attach the binding to the quilt?

    Whenever I have tried this method using 2.5″ binding strips, I find my binding is folding over too far and is not nicely ‘filled with quilt’ as recommended by those who recommend these things!

    Thanks in advance and I love the new look site, and all your ponderings and musings about life, the universe and everything!

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      Liz, if you’ll go to the post I mentioned, at the bottom, I have a link to several related posts and in those I answered a bunch of questions, which I think will help you. If not, please let me know.

      • Lizzy Hentze says

        Thanks, I must have missed those because I hadn’t had my full complement of coffee for the morning when I was typing!!

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    Last weekend when I had some placemats to bind and not a lot of time I stumbled upon your binding video and it was really helpful. I was surprised when it finished to see Chad’s duck calls come up as the next one on the list. I didn’t even realise that the tutorial was by you until then. What a great coincidence. And now, to find it mentioned on your blog. Surprise, surprise. Thanks for the great help.

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    On one of the quilting forums I am on, someone asked how to machine stitch down binding. I told them what I did and then referred them to your video since it helped me when you first posted it.