The Boat Builder

Last summer Chad built a boat.  He had no plans . . he just started building and it ended up weighing a ton.  They put it in someone’s pool for a few days but it eventually ended up being dismantled.

This summer he’s building another boat and he ordered a set of plans.  This boat will be for duck hunting and will be rigged up with some kind of camo covering.  Today, even though it’s hotter than heck, he’s out fiberglassing the boat.

He’s worked really hard on it and it’s looking great.

I won’t be going for a ride in it but it should do what he needs it to do.

Ruby said: Where’s my life jacket?  I’m going for a boat ride!


  1. 1


    I’m not a boat person…unless it’s a cruise ship going to a tropical island!!! So….Ruby can have my life jacket.

  2. 2

    Melanie says

    The boat looks great. Looks like he also got a summer haircut. Much cooler, I’m sure.