Chad Cooked Dinner

Chad loves Thai and Indian food but he likes it way hotter than I can eat it.  He’s had a recipe he’s been wanting to try so he tried it and I think we’ll be requesting it again.

I think he called it Thai Shrimp Curry served over Forbidden Black Rice.  Don’t ask me why it’s called that . . I’d never heard of it but he found it at Whole Foods in Kansas City.

Thanks Chad for a fantastic dinner!


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    wow, that looks so good. I didn’t cook tonight because we usually go out on Fridays with a friend couple. But not this week, and Frank was supposed to call another couple, but didn’t, so he wonders why he is not smelling dinner ’bout now…..
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    That does look wonderful! I like it hot too! I don’t think I’ve ever cooked Thai before. I usually leave that to the experts and eat at a restaurant when I am craving Thai. His presentation is very nice!

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    That looks really really tasty! I’m a shocker for adding natural yoghurt to my curries on the plate as I don’t like them hot, but I love the taste. I get in sooo much trouble with my friends for asking for a side order of plain yoghurt whenever we go out… Recipe to follow?

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    Oh that looks SO delicious! Chad is welcome to come over to my place and make me dinner for my birthday next Saturday!

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    Kathy R in FL says

    That looks delicioous! Share the recipe, please! I’m on my way to Whole Foods for the rice!