So Grape!

At the Amish store last weekend, they had grapes.

They weren’t so pretty so I wasn’t going to get any but the store guy told me to taste them so I tasted one and Vince tasted one and we were both standing there wiping drool from our chins.  They were so good!  The seem to be some type of Concord grape.  We bought enough to make two batches of jelly.  As I was making it, Vince could hardly stand it.  The whole house smelled like the sweetest grape smell you can imagine.

And, it made some fantastic grape jelly.  12 pints means 1 pint each month!  🙂

You can see this pint is barely going to make through the week.  Not sure if I like this better than crab apple jelly but cherry jam still comes in at #1.


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    LadyBaltimore says

    Homemade grape jelly – one of my absolute favorites. I have nice memories of my grandmother making grape jelly and the house smelled so sweet. And it tasted so good.
    Good luck on it lasting one per month. And enjoy!!

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      Elaine says

      We only get Concord grapes here in NJ in Setember for about 3 weeks. They are my favorite! and they are expensive. I just sit and eat them. Was your jelly cooked or freezer. I made some peach feezer jam and it seems runny. How could anyone mess up freezer jam LOL

      • says

        Grapes always set up really hard – mine set so stiff I could hardly get it out of the jar, last time. Peaches are notorious for being low in pectin, though, especially if they’re all fully ripe.

        • says

          Mine was very slow to set up. In fact, I thought we were going to have grape juice. It was the next morning before it had set. I’ve never had that happen with jelly and I was getting worried. But, it’s fine now and I love it!

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    HI Judy,
    I love concord grapes to eat- they are my very favorite grapes- we can only get them here for a short time in the early fall- I always buy a few baskets of them just to eat Yummy- you are making my mouth water- just looking at them.
    Enjoy the jelly.