How To Impress Your Wife

Wives, you might want to call your husbands and let them read this.  Then you can all sit down together and feel sorry for me.

Our anniversary is tomorrow.  I mentioned earlier that we usually don’t get each other gifts for birthdays, anniversary, Christmas . . we pretty much get what we need when we need it.  But, I had gotten Vince the Kindle.  He was out of town this week so I figured he would want to take it with him.  I was wrong.  He left it at home.  Did I mention that I doubted he would use it?

I believe he felt bad so he bought me a gift while he was out of town.  He even called to tell me he had bought me a surprise but he wouldn’t tell me what it was.  He came in yesterday evening with a big box.  I ruled out diamonds right off the bat because . . well, the box was big and Vince isn’t the type to put a little box inside a bigger box inside a bigger box.  He made me close my eyes while he opened it and then he made the presentation.

A new weed eater!  Yep, and it’s lime green.  What more could a girl ask for on her anniversary?  Want me to make a list?

If any of you husbands out there need help with gift ideas for your wife, do not ask Vince for advice!

Seriously, I’m thrilled with the new weed eater.  For some reason, Vince just cannot do a good job edging and I’d rather do it myself.  I have an older battery operated weed eater but it uses NiCad batteries and they don’t last very long.  The new one has lithium batteries and I think I’ll be able to do my whole back sidewalk with both fully charged batteries.  That was about a 6 day job with the old edger because I’d run down the two charged batteries, let them charge 24 hours, run them down . . I have more than 2 batteries but only had 2 chargers.

So, don’t be sad . . I’m really happy about my new lime green edger.  What I’m not happy about is that someone put that blasted sidewalk all the way around the side and back of my house.  Between that, the front sidewalk, the driveway . . too much edging!  Don’t suggest Round-Up!  If I’m not happy with the way Vince edges, you know I wouldn’t be happy with Round-Up.


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    Sarah says

    If it makes you feel better, my husband bought us a joint Christmas present last year…. yep, along the same lines, we got an oak tree!! Just like you I was glad because we did want one but still something about it wasn’t quite right. I look at it every day (and still have to water it on hot days since it’s just a baby!) and think, “humm, it could have been a sewing class or even just fabric but nooooooo it had to be a tree.” *sigh*

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      I hate to admit it to a quilting group, But of your 3 choices sewing class, fabric, or a Tree, I thing the Tree is much more romantic. Just think in 10 years you can sit in a swing under it. If I was given fabric, it would just get lost in my stash and 10 years from now, I would be hard pressed to remember what I did with it. The sewing class is the same. Just me

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    Missy says

    That is so funny! I once got a new fishing reel for Christmas! I’ve never used it. My husband loves it! 🙂

  3. 6


    Happy Anniversary to you both! I’ve love a little weedeater like that, if it could run for the 2 hours it takes me to weed whack around our place, I bet it’s a whole lot lighter than the honking gas powered one I have to use!

  4. 7

    Julianne says

    I received a weed eater for mothers day once. I was expecting our first child I think.LOL The following Christmas I got husband a vacuum.

  5. 8

    Katie says

    Does vaccuum trump weed wacker? How ’bout toaster? I’ve learned that “oh, nothing” is a bad response when asked what I want for a gift. Now I just have to convince him that Tupperware probably is NOT the best place to buy a chef’s knife…

  6. 9

    Peggy says

    This is too funny. At least it is something you will use. My Dad would buy my Mother some tool he wanted for himself as her birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents. I guess he thought if he was happy she would be happy also. Oh, once in a while hr would buy her a rose plant, but you know who had to weed around it………NOT DAD!

  7. 10


    Got a good one…I bought my husband a new pocket knife for his birthday, so for mine I got a new electric knife sharpener! He is such a thoughtful MAN! haha. Actually, he’s the best and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

  8. 11

    Fitzy says

    I got a ROCK TUMBLER. What? Yes, a rock tumbler.

    Bless his heart anyway! I pick up stones and shells every beach we come to, he thought I might use it sometime. (It’s still in the box, 6 years later.)

  9. 12

    Nancy says

    I got two interesting gifts for Christmas over the years: a paddle fan and a garage door opener. I was not thrilled with either.

    On another note: did you know that a new Kindle is coming out in August? You can pre-order the Kindle 3. It has the new, more readable eink. If you got Vince’s Kindle in the last 30 days, you can contact Amazon to send it back and get the new K3. My suggestion is for you to do that, you keep the new K3 and give him your old one. Also, both of you can be on the same account and share books. Love my Kindle!

    • 12.1


      I just ordered the K3 last night, Mom will get the K2 to replace the K1 I gave here when I bought the last new one. I’ve got a sister that we’ll hand the K1 down to.

  10. 13


    Well first Happy Anniversary! I had to buy my own weed eater. But I guess it was with the hubby’s money, so maybe it was from him!

    Havea great weekend!

  11. 14


    Congratulations, you two love birds! He looks pleased as punch about your gift, and you’ll use the beejeebers out of it. And he DID get it in your signature color!

  12. 16

    Nancy says

    Re: Kindle 3. It’s smaller, lighter, same screen size, more contrast in the eink. Has a black case and is identical to the new DX model which is geting rave reviews. Best part: it’s cheaper than the one I got for Christmas, which is a K2. Hubby says he’ll take the “old” one if I want the new one. I do!

  13. 17

    Becky R says

    Lime! Wow, that is cool. One year I got an electric screwdriver so I’m in that club too!

  14. 18


    Every year for Christmas I received a new fry pan. But it was okay. Really it was. I always needed one.

  15. 19


    *giggle* I’d commiserate, but I’m one of those that likes receiving gifts that I’ll actually USE, while Hubby is the romantic. He keeps wanting to bring flowers, candies, and music CDs home to me. I keep telling him things like, “But I’d really rather have a new electric skillet.”

    The ONE year he actually listened to me was our year together. I asked for, and got, a new iron, ironing board, and crock pot. For my birthday, he listened and got me the new vacuum.

    This year, I’m lobbying for a new chest freezer, lol.

  16. 20


    My most memorable gift was early in our marriage (we’ve been married 38 years now), when he gave me an electric hot dog cooker. :O He doesn’t even like hot dogs, and we didn’t have children at the time. *What* was he thinking??? LOL!

  17. 21


    Bwahh haa haa – at least he got you something that you will use. That makes me smile. One year my S-I-L was upset becuase she got a diamond for christmas and I got a horse. She didn’t think it was fair. Well – she can only look at the diamond, but I get to ride the horse…. much more useful to me LOL

    You are a kick!!! And anytime you want to come try that weed eater out – I got just the spot for you 😉

  18. 22

    Linda Kay says

    Several years ago, my precious husband gave me a lawnmower for combination birthday(50th) and anniversary(32nd) present. I kept him anyway! haha I was really wanting a new sewing machine! haha Oh well, I just went and bought what I wanted anyway! Then last year, our sons gave their dad a fabulous, red, Kitchenaid stand mixer for his birthday. They told him “when Mama’s happy, everyonje’s happy” and that he would reap the rewards of me having this! I love it and he has. I cook 3 meals a day 7 days a week! Have fun with your edger! haha Happy anniversary!!!

  19. 23


    You crack me up! I got a Bissell Steam carpet cleaner for Mother’s day once, but I asked for it. It is hard to choose gifts when you already have everything you want and need. So, I think you and Vince are doing just fine. Hey, he got you something you will use in your favorite color and it will make your life easier….what more could you want? That was a thoughtful gift in my opinion.

  20. 25


    I’ll never forget the time my husband told me he had got me a really great present for Christmas and it turned out to be a bread knife. And he really truly thought I’d be thrilled….silly man….

  21. 26


    Don’t feel bad Judy, my engineer type husband isn’t good at the gift thing either. For our first Christmas as a married couple, I got a rechargeable car vacuum, a fire extinguisher and a dremel! SOOOOOOO Romantic. And SO not what I wanted.

  22. 27

    Pam says

    I notice that Speck was unimpressed!
    Congrats on the anniversary. Ours is the third- number 41.

  23. 29


    Happy anniversary! I once got a blendar for my birthday the day after my blender broke. He won’t ever do THAT again! LOL.

    glen: quilts and dogsquiltswissy

  24. 30

    Keryn says

    Well my memorable gift was a bottle opener on a keyring, so when we were out somewhere I’d always be able to open my bottle of beer. SInce I didn’t drink beer, and couldn’t if I was driving, it was there for His bottle of beer, and all our friends. Very thoughtful, and it made me popular in the days before twist-off caps.

    I’d Love a battery weed-eater, should go and look for one for myself, or I could give it to Mereth; she’d love it too.

  25. 31


    I like a good practical gift! My husband always gives me a really nice kitchen appliance for our anniversary,which a lot of wives would be angry about, but it’s my choice. I love a present that makes life easier. Have fun with your gardening. 🙂