Out of the Dehydrator

This time of year, the dehydrator is rarely empty.  In a couple of months, it will sit idle til Chad wants a batch of jerky.  This morning I emptied out chili peppers, basil and cherry tomatoes.

The basil went into the blender.

Where it was ground down to almost nothing.

That was put through a mesh strainer to get the stems and larger pieces out.

I’ll end up with several half pints of basil to get me through winter.  If I have more than that, I’ll give it to friends to help get them through winter!  Did you know all it takes is a little fresh tasting basil to chase away the winter blahs?  🙂

The tomatoes were put in the blender.  And, because I don’t care if there’s a tiny bit of basil flavor in the tomatoes, I didn’t even have to wash the blender between loads.

The tomatoes were pulverized.  I recommend ear plugs or some type hearing protection for this step.  Those tomatoes are loud in the blender. The powder was added to a jar I’d started last week and now I have a full jar.

The chili peppers were placed in a zipper bag.  I want them to be dried some more but I’ll wait til I have something else to put in with them.

It’s not much work at all but it will make a big difference in some of the foods I cook this winter.


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    Chris Wells says

    I have a dehydrator , but I question placing different kinds of herbs and foods in the machine at the same time. Do they take on the same flavors? I have a ton of sage flat leaf parsley and green peppers I want to dry. Thanks Chris

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      It might make a difference if your fan is located on top and blowing all the air straight down. My fan is in the back. I’ve done apples and bell peppers together, tomatoes and onions — you name it and I’ve probably combined it to get a full load. I’ve never noticed any crossover taste in anything.

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    I don’t wonder at your high electric bills with the amount of time you are using your dehydrator and electric stove! I seem to recall a time when Vince attached a usage meter to your sewing machine or iron, what ever came of that?

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    Quiltinggranna says

    Since reading this post I have been thinking about the mountain of basil in my garden. I made one batch of pesto for the freezer and need to make more for sure. But drying it really interested me–had not thought of that. My son loves to make jerky so asked for a dehydrator for his birthday one year so I had use of one, but when he married, it went with him so I am (or was) without one. Last night after quilt guild, I had to stop by Walmart for a few things and happened to think about the dehydrator. Went to check on them and they had one–an Oster. So I got it and will tackle my basil this weekend. The instructions in the booklet that came with it say to dry in single layer for 5-8 hours on one side, then turn and 5-8 hours on other side. Seems like a really long time to me. But you have obviously done this lots of times. Seem too much? It really takes so long to wash and dry basil leaves for whatever you are doing…..so you must not be that particular since you show putting it through a strainer to get out the stems, etc. And do you just store the dried pulverized basil at room temperature? Gonna give it a try. Any hints would be most appreciated.