Kudos to Ball

This year, even though I already had a lot of jars, for some reason, I seemed to need a whole bunch more.  There’s no telling how many jars are in this house.  As I was opening a case of jars the other day, I noticed this:

Made in the USA!  Can’t get a whole lot better than that.  Thank you Ball for providing a great product that’s made in the USA, providing jobs to support American families.  Thank you also for maintaining a very helpful website.  They have a whole section on learning to can so any of you who have been wanting to learn to can, check out the website.


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    Funny story – my step-son was trying to buy a Ball canning jar off eBay, to use as a drinking glass. I wondered why he would want such a thing. His (and now my) last name is Ball. I fixed him up with several sizes and colors. I gave away all the Kerr jars to a young family that was learning to can beans.

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    We used to live in Muncie Indiana – home of Ball – thus Ball State University! The Ball brothers, back in the late 1800’s, all built mansions right along the White River. At Christmas time, they decorate all the houses and open them to the public. I just saw on a soap/lotion dispenser made out of a old Ball jar in Country Living. Need to make one!

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    And thanks to you, Judy! Thanks to your postings, I tried to make jam today. It seems to be turning out pretty well! Keep on posting your great posts!

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    You are right about that. Made in America is what will keep us going. Mark and I look for Made in America products. They aren’t easy to find, but when we do, we are loyal to that item, even if it costs more. Global ecomomy be damned!

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      It is hard to find Made in America sometimes and I’m amazed at some of the name brands that are no longer being made here. Lots of reasons I suppose but I’m afraid it may get worse.

      • Rose says

        Just a few years ago a law was passed that United States Flags sold in Minnesota (where I now live) must be manufactured in the United States. Many people (including me) were very surprised to find out that U.S. Flags were ever manufactured in a foreign country. Guess we just assumed flags were always manufactured here. The cost of our 4 ft x 6 ft U.S. Flag that we fly on our property is not overly expensive and is made of a high quality, durable outdoor nylon fabric.

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    Mariel says

    Go Ball! An American company, producing American products and jobs. Isn’t that a novel ideal? Think I’ll go buy some jars :))

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    We have a Ball factory right near my school. I wish they would give tours of their factory. That would be interesting to see how they make the jars.

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    Our Mennonite store, has a big long tube of flats for about $40. I might check into them next year after I calculate it out to see if it’s a better deal, cost wise.

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      Ours does too but they only had the small mouth. They did have a case of the wide mouth flats which was a good bit less expensive than I pay at Wal-Mart so I bought from them.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I bought some Ball jars the other day too, I was impressed. I made 14 jars of salsa and I still have half a case of tomatoes left. More salsa is in our future and some canned tomato sauce. I printed off your blueberry and peach chutney recipes and think I’ll make those too. I guess I need to get some more jars!! The only place i can get them here is either Ace Hardware or Walmart.

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    I am always glad to see something made in the USA. Just the other day I saw something I had bought that was Made In The USA and was glad(can’t remember what it is now!)
    Anyway, I am also liking Ball’s “silver” rings and lids. I’m still using those nasty gold coated ones where the goldish part flakes off. Big improvement with the silver ones. I should maybe replenish my supply.

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    Right on! It seems they have some nicer-shaped jars this year too. My sister doesn’t know it yet, but she’s getting a canning extravaganza for her birthday in September. She has a huge garden and just retired this year, so she’ll need the extra stuff.