Design Wall – August 2, 2010

I hate to say it but again I have a blank wall.  Saturday I did get to sew a good bit and got a lot of half square triangles sewn but didn’t get them pressed.  Thought I’d get it done Sunday but we were gone all day and I never went downstairs.  So, once again . . I say I’ll do better next week!

Please show us lots of full design walls this week.  It is so inspiring to see what others are working on when too many of us seem to be longing for some sewing time.



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    Judy – thanks so much for Design Board Mondays – Its really helping me keep on track. I LOVE your stash report – when I see these I always think – OMG – there are ladies like me.

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    I won’t have anything to post next week either Judy, so don’t feel bad. I will honk as we pass through (well close) your area tomorrow!

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    I had time to sew this week! I haven’t stayed on track with my quilting, but am finding out I have a LOT of quilt tops to turn into quilts. Guess I know what I’m doing until next year:) Of course, I always have to be trying something new too, though. I love to see all the projects on the design walls on Monday – gets me motivated to keep working on things to the end!

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    I was definitely LONGING … and even though my fabric is still packed, I pulled out some scraps, unpacked my sewing machine and actually made some blocks. It was a lovely break from unpacking 😉

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    I wish I could have a blank wall again! I have about a dozen projects mid-stride, and while all of them are active, it’s still intimidating to see it all spread out! Thanks for hosting these! I posted some pics redundant to older posts, just so you ladies wouldn’t need to surf too far (though you’re absolutely welcome and encouraged to!)


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    Well, I’ve done it again . . . managed to put my Design Wall under the Stash Report. Maybe next week I’ll get it right. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your design walls today. For now, I’m off for a pedicure. Ahhhhhhhh . . .

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    Happy Monday!! Better keep an eye on the tomatoes and basil….what with the rain and hot weather, you might not be sewing for a while 😉

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    Boy, knowing I wanted to post today really got me sewing this week! Altho, the fact that my 14 yr old is ONLY playing one sport instead of the THREE he played all summer MIGHT have made a difference too! Being IN the house helps get things sewn! lolol

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    This is my first time to participate in Design Wall Monday. I probably won’t be able to post every week, but hopefully will have something up several times a month. I’m really getting inspired from what others are doing. Thanks, Judy, for hosting us!


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    Judy, I’m sorry I posted twice..I didn’t realize that the address I was posting was LAST weeks design wall. Any way you can delete the 1st one? I could not figure out how…won’t make THAT mistake twice…sorry!

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    My Round Robin that I’m working on this week. I also linked all the Center blocks Lynn and I made too. Each of the Mariner’s Compasses are so different! Have fun looking.

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    It’s always so inspirational to see what everyone is working on. I didn’t work on a quilt this week, but did work on a purse and some fabric flower brooches.

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    you will get some time to quilt…someday…after everything is harvested and stored away…and the kitchen is done…and…and…

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    I have been lax about posting on Design Wall Monday. Probably because not much changes there it seems. But, I do get inspired seeing every one else’s design wall projects! Thank you Judy!

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    Evidently there was a problem with how I posted my design wall this morning as it was deleted. Don’t know what the problem was or is, it just disappeared. But hopefully I have corrected that as I sure do enjoy sharing my projects. Thanks again Judy.

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    Angie says

    I can’t seem to stop starting! How do you do it, sister quilters. It is in one of my favorite combinations of colors, just don’t want it to be Halloween themed. Sorry can’t join the quiltathon as I already have some can’t cancel things on those days.

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    Sorry this is so late, but it’s still Monday! Thanks Judy. Oh, I’d love to participate in the quiltathon, but my day job has me busy. Set it up for a weekend sometime.

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    Every day I want to be a sewing quilting day. Today is Tuesday, all day I am sewing, of course had to wash the floor first so I could pin two quilts, but I am on a roll.

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    A day late but I made it instead of missing it like last week. I was #62. Boy! that is a lot of walls to go visit; but what fun! Thanks Judy.