Because I cannot seem to find time to sew these days, I’m declaring Thursday and Friday as Quiltathon days for me.  Anyone want to join me?  For newer readers, a Quiltathon means we try to do nothing but sew on those days!  I get as much cooking ahead of time done as I can, I get as much housekeeping chores done ahead of time as I can.  I try to stay home — stay out of the garden and stay out of the kitchen and bury myself in the sewing room.

Join me if you can!  I’ll be tweeting through the day about my progress.  Tweets are posted at the bottom of the blog for any who want to follow along with my two day sewing marathon.

If enough of you want to join me, I’ll put up a Mr. Linky box on Friday afternoon where we can share our progress on our blogs.  Let me know if you’re able to participate.


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    Just checked my calendar and it was empty on those days. Not any more!! I’ll tweek the menu for crockpot and leftovers. I need a good quiltathon with friends. 🙂 Great idea~Thanks!!!

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    Yes, those are my last two days before school starts! With a young daughter I can’t plunge in 100%, but while she’s at daycare, I will quilt like a maniac.

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    I’m in. That’s probably the only way I’ll get the two extra quilts finished by Saturday. I usually take the kids to the library on Thursdays but we’ll make it Wed. so I don’t have to leave the house. There’s still hope to get the three quilts done by Saturday’s baby shower. I work best under pressure anyway. 🙂

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    Woo-hoo! I’m in sewing mode right now, and that’s just the ticket to keep the pedal to the metal! Just the right amount of notice — I can get some of the “chores” out of the way so I can stitch without guilt. Count me in!

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    Diane says

    oohhh I checked my calendar too–nuthing. I must get a life! 🙂
    In the meantime, I will happily sew along with all of you.

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    That sounds great! I have a couple of quilt tops that are soooo close to completion but I’ve stalled out on them. This might be the push I need to get ’em done! Thanks, Judy. 🙂

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    pdudgeon says

    yup me too! i’ve got a new project to start, so this way i can get everything cut and ready to go. (think a gazillion HST’s and you’ll know why i need to prep!)

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    That sounds good to me. The dog has a check-up Thursday am, but after that it’s “Sew time” . I have customer quilts coming out of my ears, maybe I can gat something done!

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    I’ll try to join in…though I will have to do some schooling of children in the mornings and spend evenings at the theater…but I can cut my computer time short and QUILT late morning right on through afternoon 🙂

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    I’d love to but something always crops up. I had my own little quiltathon last night, sewed until 4 am and sewed a little more today to finish the top of a comfort quilt. Lucky for me today’s a holiday here in Ontario.

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    I have teacher meetings on Thursday and Friday from 8 till 3 but I’ll be glad to play along on Thursday and Friday evenings.

  12. 21

    Linda in MI says

    can I just get my sewing room back in shape? my sewing machine in in for a fine tuning…been a sewing demon the past three weeks…got two done and gone to their owner…the last did not get quilted…machine error….so mytwo rooms are a disaster!!!!

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    I would love to join fulltime, but this nasty thing called dayjob is interfering. So for me it will be an evening quiltathon for 2 nights.

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    Darlene S says

    Would love to, but Thursday I’m going on a road trip to Mexico, MO shops. Friday I’ll be sewing–and will check in on your progress. I’m teaching an 11 yr old how to make a quick pillowcase to match her newly made quilt. (She quilted it on my longarm)!! Dar

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    Lydia says

    Oh, RATS! Thursday I can sew for a while — Sew-in at a LQS from 10-2, and I’m PLANNING to attend. But in the morning before that is water aerobics, and in the evening I’m the M.C. at a Tall Tales contest, and it’s at the other end of town, so I’ll be arriving way early with knitting in hand, so as not to have to sit in St. Louis rush hour traffic 😉 Friday is DH’s birthday, and he’s working out of town, so I’m going to spend the weekend with him. I’ll do what I can in the four hours I have…. Looking forward to seeing what others get done. Lydia (no blog)

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    Donna in KS says

    I will be at a retreat this weekend, so guess it will be a Quiltathon! I still have to decide which projects I’m taking. I think I have QADD or something….sometimes (most of the time) I just get bored with a project! That can be managed at home but not “on the road”. I will miss being able to check in with you for four days, well, 3 1/2 anyway. Have a good time; I will!

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    Hmmm…if only I could figure out a way to sneak my sewing machine into my cube at work….I will try to join along in the evenings at least!

  18. 27


    I have a houseguest arriving on Wednesday for 5 days and she doesn’t even thread a needle, so there’s no chance I can sit at the sewing machine while she is here. I’m sure you will get an amazing amount of sewing done, though, on those 2 days.

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    Judy, Great timing! I had plan to sew this entire weekend starting on Thursday evening. It’s my birthday weekend and just want to be doing what makes me the happiest. If the stars align for me I’m even taking Friday off from work. I’m in!.

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    Liz says

    I am currently out of town, but I do have my faithful featherweight with me and some ufos, so I’ll join in a bit.