One of Each Please

Sunday, though kicking and screaming, protesting all the way, we went to the Ozark Fair in Springfield.  I didn’t want to go!  I thought Vince had decided not to go.  Actually, I thought Vince and Chad were going together one day during the week but nope, that wasn’t the plan.  So, I changed out of  my “spend the rest of the day in the basement sewing clothes” and put on presentable clothes; I took my half made bread and stuck it in the fridge so it didn’t rise and take over my entire kitchen; I stopped the washer mid-way through the cycle because I had hoped to hang the clothes on the line and off we went to the state fair in Springfield.

It was miserably hot and if you’ve never been in a barn full of hot, stinking, “relieving themselves often in the stalls” animals, you can’t imagine the smell.  But, I tell you . . I wanted one of almost everything we saw.  Seriously, on the way home, I kept looking for land for sale.  I’m almost to the point where the house doesn’t matter — farmhouse, ranch, Spanish style, mobile home — old house, new house; all that matters is that it has fencing and a barn.  Oh, and it has to be somewhere that gets DSL and is on a paved street.  That kinda narrows our choices.  But, these animals were so cute.  This was the first thing we saw.

Not sure if it was a he or a she but I could have stuck it in the back seat of the Highlander, buckled the seatbelt and brought it home!

Of course there were baby chicks.  They were so cute and they were so used to being around people.  I think they would love living in a purple chicken coop.

Then there was this little guy.  He was trying to lick Vince’s arm while Vince was petting him (or her).

Vince loved him/her too.  He said “How long do they stay this size?”  I said “forever” but I don’t think he believed me.

Oh, keep scratchin’.  That feels so good!

Then there was this.  I keep telling Vince I need a tractor.

Since I admitted to having flipped the lawn mower in Kentucky, Vince won’t even let me  on the riding lawn mower so I suppose a tractor is out of the question but how neat is this old John Deere?

A couple of things I really didn’t ask for were:

I think this is a she.  She didn’t smell good at all . . she smelled really bad.  And the sign on the pen said “she bites”.  Bacon . . maybe but I have no desire for a live pig.

And, this poor guy!
I glanced over and said “Oh, someone needs to milk that sheep!”  Vince just looked at me and I realized it was a boy . . “uhhh, forget that I said that!” Almost all the boy sheep were ‘arranged’ like this!  That just doesn’t look very comfortable at all.  Maybe I am just a dumb city girl!


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    Why do I suspect you will be on a large piece of property WITH a cow and maybe some sheep before too many more years go by?? LOL I hear ya about the smells, though. It seems that we have found a lot of “odors” when we visited our State Fair, too, and I’m not talking about the food on the midway!!!

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    Liz says

    I suspect that if “that sheep” wins big at the fair, he will be “milked”. When they announce the winners of the FFA competition, it is amazing what the grand winners go for, dollar wise. Enough to fund a college education, sometimes. And, they are not going to let those genes go to waste!

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    I love the 4-H and FFA barns at the fairs. The animals have all been hand raised and think they are housepets. So cute. (Even the pigs, I have to say. Yes, they smell. But they can be so cute!)

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    pdudgeon says

    when you do get your property it would make good sense to get a small flock of sheep. after all it’s only several pairs of sox and a lawnmower walking around.

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    Diann Smith says

    You are responsible for me biting my tongue HARD this morning. I was scrolling down and looking and the pics and reading comments and then I got to the sheep one. I’m still laughing and my husband thinks I am ..I’ll have to say the “crazy” word instead of the other one I guess.

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    Judy, you just crack me up. I am sitting here giggling. Now aren’t you glad you went to the fair? Have a good day. Maybe you will get some sewing in today. Winona

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    Glenda in Florida says

    I see that you visited the livestock and farming exhibits, but what about the home ec department? Didn’t you go see the quilts, and the canned goods? And, pick up the information for next year, so you can exhibit your items?

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      I did visit that area but didn’t photograph the quilts because of copyright issues. The canned goods were pretty but so is my own pantry! 🙂

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    Yes, the Ozark Empire Fair is the best! Daughter and her husband took my precious grandson today and daughter and I are going back tomorrow. Have to look at the quilts, canned goods and home-grown stuff. Then, a corn dog & A&W rootbeer! Nothing like the fair when it is 102°!!!! At least now the E-Plex is air conditioned!

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    Jan says

    Oh, thankyou!! I so needed a good laugh, and now I’ve got tears(at least I didn’t wet my pants)!!

  10. 12

    Trish says

    I had to laugh at your sheep comment. The first time I saw a live pig on the farm, it was a boar…. from the back… ROFLOL …. I told my then boyfriend that “that wasn’t a Pig”.. what is it then he asked?? I said “I don’t know, but it doesn’t look anything like Porky Pig on the cartoons!!!

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    Cindy B. says

    OH MY! I am glad you saved the young ram pic for last … I laffed so hard thinking about you suggesting he needed to be milked. You really are a city girl!

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    Susan Torrens says

    Too bad you didn’t see any alpacas. We have cousins that are raising a small but growing herd, and the bonus is the alpaca fleece, but then you would have to learn to spin!

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      I’ve heard they struggle with the really hot, humid climates. Since it has been over 100 for days, I don’t know if I’d torture them with this heat. I keep a fan on my chickens and still worry about them. If only Vince would air condition the coop! 🙂

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    Eight years ago, we moved to a rural area with seven acres, a pole barn, and a house. The house is a funny house with lots of odd shaped rooms. There is no DSL. Our internet comes wireless from a transmitter clear across the valley from us. If we couldn’t have seen the transmitter, we couldn’t have had it. Fortunately, there were no trees or mountains in the way. The only TV is satellite TV. The road is dirt and our cars are always filthy. They’re dusty in the summer and muddy in the winter. Our neighbors have lots of animals from cows and horses, sheep and llamas, pigs, chickens, roosters and rabbits. The roosters wake us up in the morning. We don’t have animals other than three head of cat. But my husband had a tractor about ten minutes after we moved into the place. We love it here, but you definitely give up some of the luxuries of city life when you move into the country.

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    Judy! I’m pretty sure the Missouri State Fair is in Sedalia at the end of the month. I suspect you were at either the County Fair, or there might be a regional fair in Springfield.

    BTW, Missouri State Fair? Best fair anywhere. Hey, that should be their slogan.

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    carol c says

    i cannot believe you said that, you with 2 men in the house! I have missed your humour since I am offline, my laptop caught a NASTY computer viris Saturday and I havent gotten it off yet. and My main computer is still being updated/upgraded and so on. so one day soon I will be back on wtih my usual all day regimen