Completed Socks

Remember when I used to knit socks?  Remember when I was buying sock yarn like there was no tomorrow?  I’m happy to report that it’s been months since I bought sock yarn.  It’s actually been April since I bought sock yarn.  I think that’s a record.  I wonder if my favorite yarn shop, The Loopy Ewe, is missing me.  I can tell you that I’m missing them.  I love buying yarn . . as much or more than I love buying fabric but it’s that realization that I’ll never be able to knit up all the yarn I have that has stopped me from ordering for almost four months.

The fact that I haven’t had a spare minute to sit and knit hasn’t helped either.  I keep a knitting project in the cars and I keep one in my “grab & go” bag so I get in a few minutes of knitting every now and then.  There are at least 6 pairs of socks that are close to being finished.  I’ll have more knitting time now that I’m finished canning tomatoes.

Here are the most recent finishes:

These were made from Wollmeise 100% wool yarn.  I’m not crazy about the stripes but I love the feel of this Wollmeise yarn.  Too bad it’s so blasted hard to get.  These are from the yarn Vince thought was red, white and blue.  It isn’t — it’s fuscia, black and pink.

And, I finished these:

Not sure what this yarn is but it’s a bit thicker than the yarns I usually work with.  It will be great for winter boots.  Again, I like tone on tone type yarn better than stripes.  I need to remember that if ever I need to buy yarn again!

These two finishes means I’ve finished four pairs of socks in 2010.  My goal is 15 pairs so I’d better get to knitting, huh?


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    yup…you better get a move on and finish those other 11 pairs of socks (said so easily by the one who can’t knit!!! LOL)

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    Judy C in NC says

    Judy L – if you have any socks that you really do not care for you can always send them this way. HaHa I would even buy them!!
    I want to learn to knit socks, but still have not located the book by Yankee Knitter you suggested. Internet wants $5 plus $4.95 for shipping and I have even called them to suggest book rate or something cheaper and they will not do that. One day I will come across the book and buy it. Our local knitting shops do not carry it.

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      Judy, there are other patterns that are free on the internet. I’ll try to find you one and post the link. If I forget to do it by the end of the day tomorrow, will you remind me?

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    I love your socks. I have finished five pair of socks this year and decided to stop buying yarn back in the early spring! Sure, and then I went to Long Beach to visit my son, and came home with yarn for eight pair of socks, and then last week I ordered yarn for four pairs of socks. I’m a lot better at stash busting than yarn busting.

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    I need to learn how to knit normal socks on tiny needles. I keep putting it off and I’ve only done the big cozy socks in chunky yarn on size 13 dpns. Do you have a beginner pattern you would recommend?

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    Lydia says

    Judy, I just finished two pairs of socks recently myself. One, I’m embarassed to say, has had the second sock on the needles for probably 3 years. AND, I was ready to start the toe shaping! About two hours, and I had it finished. The other one, I finished on a recent road trip (I was riding, not driving) except for the Kitchener stitch, and did that the other evening. Of course, it’s WAY too hot in Missouri right now to even think about wearing socks, but it’s a good time to knit them, since they’re small and don’t lay all over your lap being hot and insulating 😉 Yesterday I started my first pair of toe-up socks, and so far I like this way too. I’d hoped to finish 12 pairs of socks this year, and I’ve only gotten the two done so far, so we both have a ways to go to make those goals. Knit on!

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    I finished a pair of socks yesterday. Started a new pair today and have the leg ready to start the heel. Knitting during day-long meetings is certainly a good way to make progress.

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    Marie says

    My 8 yr old granddaughter saw your socks, oohing and aahing them, and has decided that you could make her a pair in blue and black if you wanted to. She knows that I don’t know how to knit, so she thought maybe you would do it for her. She is definately a dreamer!! She wants every quilt I make, even though I have 7 other grandchildren that want one every year too. You do beautiful work!!!

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    Love your bright pink socks. Thanks for posting a knitting update. I’ve bought a couple hanks of Bugga that I’m looking forward using in the near future. I haven’t been lucky enough to get my hands on any Wollmeise yet (which is probably for the best).