Quiltathon – Scraps Ahoy!

This morning I was working on a block for a submission and any time I’m playing with Electric Quilt 7, I come up with way more ideas than I need.  I was playing with this blocks and decided it would make a fantastic scrap/stash quilt.

And, it’s GO! friendly. If you have a Go! Cutter, you need the 2-1/2″ strip die, 2-1/2″ square die (or you could just whack 2-1/2″ squares off the 2-1/2″ strips) and the 4-7/8″ triangle die.  That’s it!  For those who do not have the Go! Cutter . . what are you waiting for?

Here’s what an entire quilt would look like.

You can make it as large or as small as you’d like, add borders or not . . but you will surely get rid of a lot of scraps!  I’ll post more detailed instructions later today — as soon as I make sure they’re right.


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    Linda in TX says

    This is cool Judy! Can’t wait for the instructions – I’ve sure go the scraps for it!

  2. 3


    That looks really interesting. i like how the triangle squares make the blocks look like they are set on point. I might have to have a Quiltathon Weekend!

  3. 5


    Oh that looks like my kind of quilt – and you’re right, it would be a perfect scrap quilt stashbuster! Looking forward to the instructions – I think I’m going to give this one a go!
    Thanks Judy!!

  4. 6


    I love two block patterns! Especially love the hourglass blocks forming that secondary pattern making it look on point. Great idea, Judy!

  5. 7

    Cindy B says

    Thanks for making this Go friendly. I cut the 2 1/2 strips and then lay them on the strip die crossways and cut 2 1/2 squares. There are many tricks and tips using one die for other cuts on Youtube. Love my Go!

  6. 8

    Veronica says

    Love the quilt! I’m certain that I can come up with enough scraps for it. Thanks . I’m looking forward to the instructions.

  7. 9

    Lydia says

    When I looked at just the block, I thought “meh, that’s okay but not thrilling.” But then when you showed the mockup of the entire quilt, I really like it! Thanks for doing that. Oh, and I just got my GO! cutter on Friday. I have all the necessary dies, and a huge pile (or should I say “piles”?) of scraps waiting for some attention. I won’t be able to start cutting them up until after the 14th because I just committed to something on that day that will have me up to my elbows in alligators until then, trying to drain this swamp 😉 But I’m looking forward to playing in my scraps and making some of these blocks! Thanks for sharing, Judy.

  8. 13


    Thank you for including the “quilt” diagram. I could not quite imagine how that would look. Very nice actually.

  9. 16

    Mary Beth says

    Judy, I just used my GO, (right before I left to stay with my mom), all of my cuts were about 1/2″ too big. I think I will pay attention to the lenghtwise and crosswise of the grain next time.