End of Day 1 Report

15 blocks are done and that’s the end of my sewing today.

Tomorrow I’ll be sewing all day again.  Felt good to sew all day, use up some scraps and work on a quilt that will be donated to a worthy cause.


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    Linda says

    I have done a lot of sewing today as well….got a Bargello done that didn’t seem to be going anywhere quickly! I love it, but won’t be doing another one anytime soon! lol

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    Your blocks look great! I had a very full day with a top almost finished. Hope to get as much or more done tomorrow. 🙂

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    Kathy G says

    Ummmm… Should all your blocks have the pieces positioned in the same directions? If so, then you have one block with pieces turned different than the other 14. (2nd row down, right-most block) If not, then please ignore me!

    Meanwhile, it’s going to be gorgeous, however it goes together.

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      You’re right . . that block is wrong. I thought this block was so easy, I couldn’t possibly screw it up. How did I manage to get 14 right without even knowing there was a wrong way to do it? Leave it to me!

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    I had a brain lapse when you said a quiltathon the other day. For whatever reason, I was thinking we sew whatever we wanted! HA! I love this pattern you are doing, it looks so nice put together. I have been working on my own thing. I guess it is better than nothing. The boys have promised their mommy she will be able to sew all day tomorrow. Good thing their father will be home to make sure their promise holds!

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    your quilt looks great so far! can’t wait to see it finished. You inspired me to pull out my fat quarters and plow through them. I never seem to use them because they aren’t as easy to use up as yardage. Today, I pulled fabrics for two quilt patterns I’m desiging. Yes, me, desiging my own quilt patterns. How exciting is that? I plan to work on cutting the fabrics in the next few days and hope the ideas in my head look as good as they do in my minds’ eye 🙂 I don’t have EQ so can’t try it on the computer first.

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    Dianah says

    I got all the blocks finished on a quilt I started Tuesday. I am letting it sit on the wall over night to see in the morning, incase I want to change the layout. I am hoping to have my top done by noon.

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    I have mine on the design wall till tomorrow. I will work on it after work tomorrow night. So far, I’m pleased with it. Yours is very pretty!

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    Carol says

    I hope Speck is doing okay. Poor baby.
    Love the pattern. Now if work wouldn’t get in my way ! I noticed the block turned the wrong way and thought “Now there’s another pattern”. Two actually, because two similar colors form an arrow with the QST. Must make this one. Thanks again Judy.

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    Angie says

    I’ve made 4 blocks – doesn’t sound like much, but I”m making a preemie quilt for our community service project and they want 30″ quilts, so I’ll add a border. I like em!

    Unfortunately, in making these I made more scraps than I used! How did that happen? I’m determined to use these new scraps in the back of the quilt so I don’t add to the huge pile I already have. LOL.