Mid-Day Thursday Report

Here’s what I have on the design wall so far.

There are a bunch more blocks partially made so I’ll keep on sewing.  Speck is not feeling good and he’s been outside dozens of times today.  I sew 10 minutes and he wants to go out.  We go out for 10 minutes, I sew for 10 minutes and he wants to go out again.  I’m so hoping he’s not getting as sick as he was last year but he’s having the same symptoms.  I’m pretty worried about him.


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    Linda says

    I like these blocks alot….hope Speck is just not happy with the heat and nothing more troublesome

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    I didn’t get to play along today after all – I have an article to write. But I will have my own quiltathon this weekend!

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    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    I’m cutting up cantaloupes for Cantaloupe Candy in the dehydrator, so I’m not sewing. Hope to do my quiltathon Monday. Really appreciate the pattern. Made lots of runs to the vet for sick dogs. Hope Speck is okay. This heat is enough to upset anyone’s tummy!!

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    Judy, sure hope Speck feels better soon. I know how worried you must be about him. I would be the same way if it was one of my kitties. Winona

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    Diane says

    oh boy, Hope Speck gets it out of his system and is ok. I’ve been sewing up a storm-only issue I’ve had is a doggie one too. Annie and Otis cornered something under the shed..Annie was a muddy paw mess and I had to give her a quick foot bath. I think she was digging to China , probably after a mouse. When Otis realized what was in store for him, he ran and hid under the bed. So I just left him there. He wasn’t muddy (thank goodness).

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    I hope Speck is feeling better real soon and it’s not serious.

    I can’t wait to see the border you put on this quilt. I didn’t get to play along I leave for CO on a dyeing retreat in the morning and am getting all those last minute things together including finishing a customer quilt on the long arm now when I get home I will only have 1 1/2 quilts to do.

  7. 10


    Oh no! What ails poor Speck?

    glen: who has a vet on personal retainer, two cousin vets, and still spends a lot of money on these dog things………

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    Perry says

    I am sorry to hear about Speck, Judy. I hope he will be ok. I am sure the heat is contributing to his problems. Take care.

  9. 12


    I like what you have so far. I got three blocks for three quilts (one each) done today, so I’m feeling pretty good about my own quiltathon. More tomorrow. Yay!!

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    marie says

    Sorry about Speck not doing well. Hope it isn’t anything serious. I love this pattern, but I have a question. As I look at it, there is no set color plate to it, right? I could just put together different colors or do I need to sort of coordinate the colors in each block itself? I’m not a scrappy person by trade, so I’m really going to step out of the box in making this. If one used dark colors or colors that would reflect one for a guy, would you think this would look right? I’m so confused. Can’t you tell?

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    I’m worried about Speck. Keep us posted on how he’s doing. It was good talking to you today, if only for a couple of minutes. xo

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    judy, i sure hope speck is okay. you’re a good doggie mom, so i’m sure you won’t waste any time getting him to the vet if it’s necessary. losing my old doggie in april was heartwrenching, and making it worse was that it happened on the weekend when the vet was not in. at least it’s not the weekend yet if you need to get him in. i know there are emergency vet clinics, but it’s always better to go to your own if you can. thought i was going to have to go there with the new pup a few days ago when she got into ev’s medicine, but thankfully after doing the math, realized she hadn’t ingested what i thought she had.

    anyway, the blocks are beautiful and you now have me really REALLY wanting that cutter! agh.

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    carol c says

    need an update on Speck!
    looking for stars on your design board-lol
    just got my laptop un infected from a virus i picked up saturday!