Mouse Hunt

Sarah has been my friend since first grade.  She stays up very late at night and many nights, we talk on the phone til well after midnight.  Vince can’t imagine what we have to talk about after all these years but we find plenty.

Sarah’s granddaughter had a little stuffed mouse just like this one:

The little girl lost the mouse a couple of weeks ago while on an out of town trip and she has been so distraught since she lost “Mousie”.  Sarah has looked everywhere for one.  I think Mousie was a very old mouse and if they’re still making them, she surely can’t find one.  So, if any of you ever see such a critter or know where there’s one available, will you please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Sarah.  Thanks!


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    There is always hope in finding another…have they checked out ebay….My DD age 21 has always had her favorite “jelly bean”….she’s pretty tattered. she went looking on ebay and found 2 brand new ones that she bought and now has a replacement. If you know the manufacturer and apx year, a search could be done and maybe she might find one.

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    I bet you could figure out a pattern for that and make one if you can’ find it for her – who knows you might sell 100 of them!! Don’t give up on living in the country. We live on 5 acres about 15 minutes from town – LOVE it. The quiet is amazing and the view is awesome. You will find just the right place….

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    I hope the hunt is successful…I always feel heartbroken when a young child loses something like that… item that they treasure and is so special to them. PLEASE let us know if a replacement is found, okay? (Because I’ll be feeling bad about this for a long time.)

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    Liz says

    If she can’t find a new one, perhaps a talented sewer can find/make a pattern and construct one – I bet it is the chenille fabric and the big soft plusht ears which ar the “comfort” points for the girl.

    But, it reminds me that a neighbor has a granddaughter who is caught in the middle of a nasty divorce. The young girl has a small piglet that she sleeps with at night. I probably need to suggest to the neighbor to look for a replacement to stash away.

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    Toys like this are so important to a child. I still suffer from the trauma caused when my mother threw out my “boojie” some 50-odd years ago. ;^P I loved that bear and I think I cried for months. I hope you can find another. I’ll keep my eye out for one.