Stash Report – August 8, 2010

Edit to include my stash report. Thanks for carrying on and posting your stash reports without me! 🙂

Used this Week: 15.50 yards
Used year to Date: 402.25 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 148 yards
Net Used for 2010: 254.25 yards


You won’t believe this — our internet died!  We had to leave the house at 10, go to a friend’s house to use their internet so I’m not going to even try to do my stash report but will add the link box so you can do yours.  I’m going to go ahead and do the Design Wall Monday post too and schedule it to show up Monday just in case we don’t get a new modem.  Withdrawals — send Dr. Pepper!

If anyone needs me or wants to check on me and be sure I’m still sane, send email to [email protected] I can check that on the Blackberry.  Have fun . . think about me!  🙁


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    Keryn says

    I;ve just spent three days with limited email; it’s dreadful! What did we do before the internet? At least you’ll have more time for sewing.

  2. 3

    Susan Calitz says

    I would hate to be without internet access.
    I am curently at our home at the beach and use wireless/cellphone connection so that I can keep in touch with all my friends.
    Hope yours gets fixed soon!

  3. 4


    Judy, Judy, Judy. I know exactly how you feel! I had a go ’round last weekend with my service — sketchy phone, TV, and internet. I felt like I was living in Siberia! I ended up needing all new fittings and the line from the telephone pole to the house. You don’t know how much you rely on something until it’s gone!

  4. 5


    Good luck!!! I have been having laptop issues lately and have had to run to the library to use the internet. That had been particularly fun since the library shortened their hours due to the decrease in budget for the year. Luckily, my neighbor was able to get me running again both times that the laptop crashed in the last 8 weeks!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  5. 6

    Liz says

    It’s funny how these things always happen on the weekend. Good luck in getting it restored!

  6. 7

    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    Here in the mountains, we live on the edge…. literally. Our phone company provides my DSL service and the tech said that technically, I shouldn’t be receiving service because of the distance from the hub…… I’m so thankful for the ‘gap’ between two mountains that allows a signal to funnel through. The few times it fails, I feel isolated —— no emails, no looking at fabric on line and no PATCHWORK TIMES!!!!!

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    I can’t imagine you without the internet. What are you going to do? Will you ever survive? Okay enough of that, I do hope you get your modem fixed or replaced soon. I don’t think this household would survive without the net. Imagine 4 laptops, 3 desktops and a few servers thrown in with no net. Chaos!!!! My youngest son (17) wouldn’t know how to socialize without Facebook.

  8. 9


    Oh, I feel for you! After a month of modem problems, I finally got the new one installed yesterday. Turns out it was really some wiring issues, but I insisted they put a new modem on, too, just in case. Hope you’re back up and running quickly! I have coffee with you every morning! Still worrying about Speck. Will be waiting for an update on him, too!

  9. 10


    We are so dependent on the ‘net now, it can be such an unsettling feeling to be without it. I hope it gets sorted out soon.

  10. 11


    I hope you are online again, soon! Isn’t it amazing how depending we all have become on certain technologies? Thanks for going the extra mile to post!

  11. 12


    Sorry about net problems. It has us by the fingers!! When camping (motorhome) we bring our 2 laptops lol. Will be going to Maine soon, the only thing my daughter has is the internet, no tv connections, it has been very spotty in her location.

  12. 13

    Sandy says

    Judy, I start my day with you. I hope you will get the problem fixed soon. I remember awhile back when you went to pick berries (?) early in the morning and you hadn’t posted yet. I wondered, “What happened to Judy? She has always posted by the time I get up.”

    We are having computer issues too. Hubby took one in to get repaired so only have the laptop. We have to share now, lol.

  13. 17


    400 yards! Holy WOW!!! 🙂 That’s a whole lot of quilts. Are you on track for your goal now?
    No internet! We sure are spoiled, aren’t we? Isn’t it great!

  14. 19

    Kathleen says

    I have driven myself crazy for the last week searching for the appliance you bought for the floors. I think it was a shark but not sure. I am sure you know what a mess the kitchen floor can be from preparing tomatoes for canning. I need help as my old knees can’t take much more on the floor scrubbing. Was it a shark and which one?