The Internet is Back!

I’m so thankful that Vince knows so much about computers.  Once upon a time, before Vince was around, I had kinda learned to change modems and add RAM and scary stuff like that but nowadays, if my computer blinks, I go running to Vince and he can mostly always fix it.  Last night I was cleaning tomatoes for the dehydrator and about 8:00, Vince said “The internet isn’t working!”  I wasn’t too worried because . . well, I had tomato juice from head to toe and I figured he would fix it.  At first, I think he thought it was just a hiccup and would be back on but then he messed with it and then called AT&T and then came upstairs and said “The modem is not working!”  I said “Well, are you gonna fixit?” and he said “It can’t be fixed!”  Panic set in.  It was getting close to 10 p.m. and I knew the world would stop spinning (or worse) if the stashbusting girls woke up to no stash report.  I said “What are we going to do?”  Vince said “We’ll go to Joplin tomorrow and buy a new modem!”  I said . . that won’t work.  A stash report has to be up when my friends wake up.  Vince just looked at me like you need help! But we called Charles and Sara Beth and asked if they were still up, could I please run over there with my laptop and do something really important!  Yes, they said that was fine.  One crises averted!

Best Buy in Joplin opens at 9 so we got up and drove to Joplin and got a new modem/router combo. 140 miles round trip but it was worth it!  Vince thought it was the power supply but there was no way to tell without ordering a new power supply and trying it and that would have taken several days so he bought the new modem, swapped out the power supply on the old one and all is well.  Tomorrow he’ll order a new power supply and we’ll have a complete modem/router/power supply for a backup.

We didn’t even go to Target or the book store.  Can you believe it?

We did eat at the Thai restaurant we love and now we’re home and I’m going to get caught up on email and sew for the rest of the day . . I hope.


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    So the crisis has been settled. Peace reigns at the Laquidara household once again. Thank God or you’d be crazy without the net.

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    what a blessing to have a good man around the house!! wouldn’t trade mine for the world!! sounds like you’ve got one of those, too. :))

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    Deb Myers says

    ouuuhhh, i’m soooooo glad you’re back, up & running!!!
    and, how did we ever live w/o internet? ya’ know, there was a time when we didn’t even KNOW what the internet was, and now? when we DON’T have it? we’re paralyzed~ how dependent the world has become…..

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    Diann Smith says

    Vince is a shirt and all! You’re right! My whole day would have been out of sorts w/o Patchwork Times to start my day and I like the fact that before the day is over something else is up.
    The world is saved!!!!

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    You’re very good to us, Judy! What I’m interested in is dehydrating tomatoes! We have a dehydrator (we haven’t used in a few years) and tomatoes coming out of our ears–with just 3 plants! How thinly do you slice them? Any other preparation? Thanks!


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    And post your stash report right? Hallelujah for the internet being back…always hard to entertain ourselves without it!

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    And post your stash report right? Hallelujah for the internet being back…always hard to entertain ourselves without it!

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    peggy says

    I’m old by some standards, 65. That said, I am so “CONNECTED.” I can’t live w/o my 3G phone, my pc, or my iPad. What’s up with that? Glad you’re back on the ‘net.

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    I”m glad you are back up and running there (AND glad I stopped getting that error message now when trying to access your blog). I get terrible withdrawal if anything keeps me offline, too, so I know how you felt. There ARE responsibilities that come with being a blog owner and our readers don’t like it if we disappear with no explanation!!! LOL

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I can sympathize. Lately we’ve been having a lot of brown outs and power hiccups and that takes down our internet. Thank goodness for Skip. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do, I can’t even do those scary things like add RAM and change modems and stuff. If I can’t turn it on and do what I need to do I wouldn’t know what to do.

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    Darlene S says

    Welcome back online, Judy. Since I’m checking in soooo late on Sunday, I didn’t noticed anythng different with the stashbusting report! 🙂 Your totals are awesome.
    I only used 2 more yards this week (2 pillowcases for charity). At least I’m ahead on this goal that I set for myself in January. I’ve made 25 new pillowcases, so far. That is the only category I’m ahead of with all my sewing projects. I’ve got to get busy. Dar

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    pdudgeon says

    it’s so nice to have you back! Give Vince a hug for all of us. He certainly is a handy guy to have around!
    that’s a smart idea to buy the whole combo so you’ll be prepared the next time.
    now on to more quilting!