Design Wall Monday – August 9, 2010

Even though I’ve started and halfway finished another top, this is what’s still on my design wall. No, I haven’t fixed the wrong block yet but I will.  The rest of the blocks are halfway made but I think I’ll stick it in a box, along with the borders, and take it to my next retreat to finish.  It’s mindless sewing and I can talk and sew.  Well. . maybe not since I made a mistake when I was all by myself sewing.

Please share what’s on your wall!  Thanks!


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    I love the look of your new quilt (even with the one block mistake). Quite lovely. I’ll have to put in on my list!

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    Thanks for once more holding DWM and for sharing your photo of the scrap blocks! Glad I am not the only one doing the rotating mix-up of blocks….

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    Sorry Judy you’ll have to delete my post again. Guess I need lessons. Thought I got them last week from Maya but again my post is wrong.

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    Very scrappy Blocks. I had to look hard to find the mistake. I’ve made a little more progress on my Marti Michell quilt this week for DWM. Check it out.

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    Sometimes a quilt needs a little quirk like a block turned the wrong way. Adds character. In one of my quilting magazines not too long ago, I saw a quirk like that in the model photographed. I just chuckled and wondered if the publishers actually saw it.

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    Wonderful blocks! I am always looking for easy to sew projects for retreat so that I am not so busy concentrating and miss out on the fun!

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    Susan Torrens says

    Love the colours. Good to see that you have some time away from your canning! I used to freeze lots of things for use over the winter, but since we are going to Florida for 5 1/2 months, I only save enough to last until my small garden begins to produce in the spring!

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    Glad you’re internet is back! Glad to read you got some quilting done. Glad to see you make sewing mistakes, too:) ! Glad I found this great motivating device called Design Wall Monday – and for all the quilters who share. Have a great week!

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    Oops, sorry Judy! I accidentally put mine in twice. I was trying to put the newest post in and got an old one in too. I don’t know how or even if I can delete one of them

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    oh my FAVORITE part of Monday! It is helping me survive the 1st day of high school for the LAST kiddo! WHEW! I never thought this day would come!

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    Having had one grandchild ALL week and one for a day I have not managed to get much started, but a long awaited project .. a sewing machine cover has at least been machine embroidered on one side and I hope to finish it this week.

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    Boy I am further down than I ever have been before! LOL. I just got back from bringing my friend to the doctor’s office, then the lab, then the radiology lab, then the library then her office, then home. She is going blind and they have no clue so we have been running around from one doc’s office to another for tests and new ideas…….none yet.


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    That’s a great idea: Design Wall Monday. Hopefully this will be the motivator to finish up my giant backlog of UFOs. Thank you for this website! And I can’t wait to visit the other design walls.

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    I sewed the sashing on wrong on the quilt I was working on last week. Now I can’t wait to get this done so I can make another with the sashing sewn on right! 🙂

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    Hardly any sewing this past week but lots of mess in the sewing room. It has to come apart and be moved downstairs so our son can move back in. I keep telling myself its only temporary (boo hoo, sob!)…

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    Kathy says

    I am finally getting around to quilting my Bears in the Farmhouse top… I was looking in the photobucket group album, but don’t see any ones that are quilted… any pictures of the quilting designs on them anywhere?? I could use some inspiration. Thanks!

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    I did this last night but forgot to post it to your website. Darn, I’ll have to think the process out a bit better next week. Happy to hear everyone is okay from the car fire….scarey. I’ve also taken the time to send the Peach Cake recipe to my Mom. A friend of hers recently gave her a 1/2 peck of peaches. Mom’s made a couple of pies, but still has peaches. It sounds wonderful.

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    Dorothy says

    This is my first blog and my first post to your design wall. love your site and seeing what you and others have going on. Thanks