Goat at the Grocery Store

Monday I had taken Speck to the vet and then took him home and went back to the grocery store.  The vet we use does as much with farm animals as he does with dogs and cats.  There were some ads on the bulletin board for goats for sale and as Speck and I were waiting our turn, I was thinking about goats and how funny they are to watch but how much trouble they are with their escaping and eating everything habits.  I doubt I ever have a goat of my own and probably don’t even want them any more.

As I came out of the grocery store, this is what was in the truck next to me:

The guy was getting out of the truck and I asked why he had the goat.  He  had just taken her to the vet.  Must’ve been both our lucky days, huh?  I said “I might just stick her in the back of my car.  I’ve always wanted a goat.”  He said “You don’t want her right now, she’s sick.  But, I do have some if you want to buy a couple.”  Hmm . . I had to think about that and then I said, no . . I’d rather stay married.  On my way home from the grocery store, I was laughing thinking . . could you imagine Vince coming home from work and finding a couple of goats tied up in the back yard. Won’t happen . . I’m much too smart (or too chicken) to do something like that.

Sure hope that goat is feeling better.


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    Rebecca in Tennessee says

    I just got 2 baby goats in June…….their mother had been caught in the flood and her milk was infected, so the owners needed someone who could bottle feed the twins…….they are so much fun……..and so loving……..it’s nice to sit outside early in the morning and feed them……..it’s so peaceful before everyone gets up in the neighborhood. I think you’d enjoy having them.

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    Awwwh—I’ve alway wanted one of those little minature goats. Too cute! I just want one to eat all the weeds and poison oak around here. Of course they eat everything else as well. I know they are a lot of care, so it’s not happening here either. But, we can always dream.

  3. 3

    Gwen says

    The little ones fun to watch at the neighbor’s down the road. They have no weeds, grass or low tree limbs. My longhorn can be a pain, but don’t eat everything. The calves are almost as much fun to watch!

  4. 5


    You could always rent one for a day, just for fun. I’ve often considered renting a couple of goats just to take out the ever-loving blackberries that tend to take over my back yard. I don’t think the dog would appreciate that, though. 🙂

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    But what if you come home one day and Vince has a couple cute little goats tied up in the back yard??? 🙂

    I’ve always thought they were kind of cute but I don’t want one any more. Today anyhow! 😉

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    Oh how I want a couple of goats! I want Nigoras. Cross of Nigerian Dwarf and Angora. They are cute little small package of fantastic milk and fiber 🙂

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    Kathleen says

    Our neighbor had a goat that was constantly jumping the fence and running across the street to our house and if my husband was outside it would stand on its hind legs and run towards him (like it wanted to give him a hug). Goat is gone now, reported by another neighbor.

  8. 10

    Evelyn says

    Different breeds of goats have different personalities. We had large Nubian goats – they are real sweethearts and good milkers with rich milk. But if you get goats – be prepared for them to like sitting on TOP of your cars – which can mean little hoof dents and such. Just saying… I had my goats for a long time but one day a loose dog attacked them – 1 died from injury and the other would have lived, but died of a broken heart since they were twins. They like each other’s company so get 2 if you think you want 1. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Kathy says

    I live 20 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon and they RENT goats here. REALLY. We have this invasive species of non-native Himalayan blackberries and they are so very hard to get rid of. The berries are not very good, they have HUGE seeds and the canes are very thorny ahd as thick as your finger. Well, they rent the goats to clear out fields (and backyards) that are full of the blackberries because 4 goats can clear 5 acres in just a few days.I guess they will eat just about anything.