Spicy, Fruity Ketchup

This stuff is good!  It’s spicy, it’s fruity and it’s ketchupy.  I know spicy is a word and I know fruity is a word but I’m not sure if ketchupy is a word.  Doesn’t really matter . . you know what I mean, right?

It starts with skinned tomatoes that are quartered, some chopped peaches and apples.  Those are simmered for a bit.

Chopped onions and garlic are added.

Spices and a chopped jalapeno (or two) are added, stick blender purees it all and it’s simmered.

And simmered and simmered til it’s about the consistency of ketchup.

Put in jars and process in water bath canner!  My batch made 11 half pint jars.  It tastes like a sophisticated ketchup!


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    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    Yummy……….. !!!!!!!! If I wasn’t doing grapes, elderberries and plums, I’d make ketchup. But Gene said salsa before ketchup and since he picks the tomatoes and peppers, guess it will be salsa.

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    Cindy C says

    That sounds great. Where do you get your recipes. I don’t think I see them in the old standard Ball book. If you would please send the recipe to me. My family goes through catsup like crazy. I might use more if it was spicy/fruity and ketchupy. Really, I need to know where you get your recipes. I have a large collection, but you always seem to come up with great ones. I am planning on getting a pressure cooker this year and start that. I have only done water baths.