A Day with my Son

Chad wanted to drive his pickup on the highway and he was off work today so he and I rode over to Fort Scott, KS.  Someone had told me yesterday about a place called Sekans.  It’s a florist, a print shop, a decorating shop and a baking supply shop . . all under one roof!  Might have been more stuff in there but . . gotta love a small town!  🙂  It was really a neat shop.  I saw a leather chair I really liked and Chad said “That’s too fancy for your style!”  I asked him .. what is my style?  His response:  You have no style!  OK!  Thank you!  Let’s go looking at the baking stuff.  I found a few really neat things and then we went to Nu Grille for a burger.

Chad gets so aggravated with me always having my camera but, my new phone makes such great photos that I hardly ever carry my camera with me unless there’s a chance I’ll get some really good photo opportunities.   Burgers, fries and onion rings don’t qualify as a good photo op!

We had a great day together.  He enjoyed his pickup on the road and I love riding in it.  I didn’t like riding in his little car at all!   Dang, I hate to think that on Saturday he’s going to be moving out again.


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    Perry says

    The difference this year is you won’t be crying, right? lol….so good to have a relationship like your’s and Chad’s. You are both very fortunate. Did you find lots of neat stuff at the place you shopped?

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    That’s a great picture of Chad! I love the expression on his face. And hey, I haven’t had a burger and fries like that in years, so yes, it was a great photo op.

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    I think it gets a bit easier every time they come home and then return to school or to their adult home. I am not saying there isn’t a bit of a transition period…I am glad he had a vehicle, everyone is healthy and you are able to snap such great pictures. Your men are such good sports!!!

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    I love that store. I need to make a point to stop. Not much for Chad to look at, though. Was he patient?

    There used to be some great flea markets downtown, but I think they burned in that huge fire a couple years ago.

    Our quilt show is coming up over Labor Day. You doing to try to make it?

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    my son is moving out on Saturday to go back to college too – his second year at university. we have to drive along with him in a second vehicle though to get all his stuff there – a 12+ hour round trip, UGH. Not looking forward to it! Not looking forward to him being so far away again either 🙁