What’s Under the Hood?

I guess it’s just a man thing but . . why do men always look under the hood?

Don’t they all pretty much look the same?  Chad’s acting like he knows what he’s looking at.  He does not!

Then Vince gets in on the action.  He’s a good guy and he knows a lot about a lot of things but cars/trucks . . NOT!  Any time I see Vince with the hood open, I panic.  Neither of them touched anything . . they just looked . . so everything should be fine.

No matter how nice the pickup is, no matter how much Chad loves it . . the boat is NOT going to fit in the back of the pickup.  Give it up, Chad!  You’re going to have to buy a trailer for the boat!


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    Guys are funny about looking under the hood. She sure is purty. 😉 Whatcha spose this here dohicky is???
    Chad looks quite smitten with his truck. I’m glad the search didn’t take forever.

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    LOL! I feel the same way when Jim goes near anything wood!

    Yakima makes some nice canoe/kayak racks that will work just fine, and a lot less expensive than a trailer for the boat.

      • Judy Laquidara says

        He knew it wouldn’t “fit”, but it wouldn’t hang out so far that he couldn’t tie it in. They had transported it in a friend’s long bed and it worked.

        CJ, I’ll see if he’s checked into canoe racks. Thanks!

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    he he he…Aren’t boys silly????

    I’m lucky in the other way, though. I have a farmer and he generally does know what he’s doing when he opens the hood, lol.

    • 4.1


      I do wish Vince knew a little more about vehicles but he has no interest. My dad can fix everything, though he doesn’t mess with the new engines. I can tell him over the phone what my car is doing and he can almost always tell me what’s wrong with it and whether it needs to go to the tire dealer or the mechanic or to whomever.

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    Liz says

    Tell Chad to get a trailer – then he can just hook on the trailer (by himself) and go fishing and use a ramp. Otherwise, he will always have to have someone help him with the boat. I am assuming that it is just too bulky to have one person handle it.

    By the way – have Chad research zebra mussels – here’s a web site for Missouri


    He needs to practice safe boating with this invasive species. And I hope he wears a life jacket if he ever fishes alone.

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    Cute pictures Judy! That is one fine truck! The guys look under the hood. Us gals, we look at the colors. At least we can honestly say what we are looking at!

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    My husband knows nothing about vehicles either, but he always looks under the hood. I suppose it is a guy thing. Next thing you know, they will be beating their chests in solidarity.

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    I wonder if looking under the hood is the male version of quilters stroking fabric? I mean apart from driving the pick-up, what else can they do?
    I guess Chad’s next project will be the ‘build a trailer’ one!

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    My DH looks under the hood so he can complain about how everything is jammed in and how you can’t get at anything to do something. Now, I only open the hood to check the oil or fill the windshield washer tank and let mechanics worry about how to get at things.

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    Rose says

    Chad has a mightly dependable vehicle with his Chevy. A few years ago DH decided he needs a pickup and found his dream truck thru a GM car salesman he knows. A customer had ordered a new Chevy Silverado short-bed and was to pick it up next day. This truck, like Chad’s, had been maintained to the max. It is fire-engine red and has a topper. (The guy purchased his new truck with all the same features and color as the old truck.) Tires were like-new condition as was everything else. It was polished so much it shines to this day like a mirror. Since we live in snow country, DH wanted a vehicle with 4-wheel drive for winter (we never had that feature during our working days). Think he has used 4 WD once or twice as we now stay home until roads are plowed, but here again it is a guy-thing you have to know you can exit the driveway during/after a snowstorm. And then what he considers the greatest feature is the automatic start so in the winter he can let the truck warm up and never leave the house until the truck seat is toasty warm. I don’t consider that a necessity but DH thinks it is the greatest. I am like Judy, a car (vehicle) is only to get from point A to point B and back. And since I don’t plan to live in the thing, I don’t need all the bells and whistles. Of course you can hardly buy a car without all the extras these days. I wish cars came with hand-crank windows. I can never get the window open just a tad without playing with the button.

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    lw says

    It’s not just a guy thing (well, maybe it is, but if you’re a female engineer, it’s also a girl thing.) If you decide to join them in looking under the hood, here is what you’re looking for: any obvious signs of neglect or damage– loose wires, hoses, rust, burned or dried on fluids, missing caps, dirt, sand. Then sight along the side panels for signs of rippling– a sure sign of body work after a collision. Kick the tires and if they don’t fall off and the thing runs when you test drive it (without any engine sounds that resemble loose change or bangs), go for it.

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    Diane says

    My husband and sons are like that, very smart, knows a lot about a lot of things, just not vehicles. I tremble if there is car trouble and they open the hood. LOL Give them a computer or a washer, or dishwasher or well anything else and it is fixed, just not a car. 🙂

    Too bad Chad can’t put the boat on top of the truck like they do kayaks, but it is probably too heavy for that. It’s always something.

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    Men and trucks! I have had two different Ford F-150’s.
    Women check out the plush interior…I loved driving a manly truck!
    And cannt wait to meet you in October!
    XOXOXO Subee

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    Frank is forbidden to open my hood. The results are disastrous when he does. One time he opened up the hood on my SUV, leaned in and said, Oh Look At This! in a really excited voice. When I leaned in to look he let go of the hood and it crashed into my head.

    I haven’t trusted him since…………………..and I told my friends if I die under suspicious circumstances, to send the FBI after Frank.


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    Funny the first thing I did was check out were the oil stick, power steering, power brakes fluid containers were. Lights, wipers etc. My car sales person had no clue. He asked me why I wanted to know. I gave him a duh look, in case I need to replace, or add fluid. *Oh you can take it to the mechanic….. * I sure can. I told him but I need to know how to do it to. He wanted to show me how to set the radio, my thought: you got to be kidding… Two months later we brought my youngest in, she found her car. When she picked it up, he was there showing her all the above, he looked like a puffed peacock. She laughed, made a comment my mom scare you? He said, he should know about all the cars he sells. “good point” Did I say, I come from mechanic genes, passed to my 3 daughters and husband. 🙂 Have fun

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    carol c says

    i look under the hood, i know what i am looking for and at. my dh picked out me a van years and years ago while i was out of town, his reason….the heater worked fine, he drove it 125 miles to me. i get in it, it clanks, it needs a new motor. lots of men apparently know nuthing, what a huge let down when i got married.lol
    oh not did i have to pay the payments for it, but for the new motor too. never again!

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    Carol says

    I grew up as the assistant mechanic in my family of 6 girls. My father is a mechanical engineer and he has to look under every hood. My days of doing car repairs are over. They’re way too complicated these days and the thrill of having grease under my nails is long gone. When my sister bought a new car he insisted that I look under the hood. Ho-hum. He was thrilled to be under the hood. But he taught me a lot and it’s has come in handy over the years. It’s too bad that cars/trucks are so complicated now and more people haven’t spent time as driveway mechanics because I think everyone should have some basic car/truck knowledge as Iw described.