Mr. Green Shirt

As I was going through my old blog looking for a picture of the green storage bin, I found these pictures from 2005 and 2006.

More amazing than anything I’ve seen lately . . Vince’s first and only attempt at making bread!  But look at that green shirt.  No holes, no rips, no missing underarm section.

A year earlier on his birthday.  The shirt looks even better in this picture.

How can anyone willingly wear the same color, same style shirt every day for at least 5 years?  It’s one thing if it’s a work uniform and you have no choice but . . really . . do you think this is weird?


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    Hilary McDaniel says

    My uncle in England did the same thing. Aunt Mona always looked forward to sun. since she was allowed to wash the shirt then. He dressed in a white shirt and tie on sun. I guess the shirt becomes so soft from a gazillion washes that the other t-shirts pale in comparison. Also the newer t-shirts are made w/a much thicker fabric. I bet it’s a comfort thing for Vince. He probably could care less as to the color. If that’s the worst he does, then he’s a wonderful man.
    Hilary Btw, have you forgiven him enough to start cooking again?

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    It’s not weird to me. When I find a piece of clothing I like I buy enough of them to last a week or more. I have 10 identical workout shorts, 7 identical winter workout pants/lounge pants and my work wardrobe consisted of clothing all from one brand. I had 14 identical black pants with tops and cardigans/jackets that were all a color with black. I had 6 pair of black shoes. I love a uniform! My shirts are either regular t-shirts or v-necks from Target and Eddie Bauer but they are all tie dyed different colors!

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    Barbara says

    No, not weird at all. When I like something I buy a dozen all the same color and don’t care what anyone thinks (I’m sure people think I just wear the same thing every day lol)


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    Rita E says

    Green is definitely a great color on him. He’s probably one of those folks that has so much going on he just doesn’t have time to give any thought to fashion.

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    loll I just bought 6 tank tops $4 ea. all diff colors but same style. cuz they work… Im moving to a very simple style clothing since Im home now.

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    Tricia says

    Judy, I hate to say this but I actually think that you have created a monster!(albeit a nice one!) Now that he’s gained fame on your blog, I expect we will be seeing these green shirts for years to come! But maybe we can get him to buy some matching green shoes and get rid of those purple ones?! I say you put us all to a vote-I think he’d love it! How many other “husbands of quilters” are this well known and loved?!
    Hope you can squeeze in some quilting today!

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    It’s not weird to me – and I would personally buy him some replacement green shirts that are the same so I could throw away the holey ones 🙂 That would drive me crazy to see my hubby wearing holey shirts all the time, LOL.

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    No..this is not weird. After we had been married 17 years, I finally got my husband to get rid of a shirt that his former girlfriend had given him! THAT”S WEIRD. Wearing the same type or color or style of shirt….that’s just a man thing.

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    Liz says

    No, it is not weird. Like others who have commented, if I find something that feels comfortable and fits, I’ll buy more of them. Usually, I do buy different colors, but they’ll be the same style. In some stores, if you don’t buy in “bulk” those items you do like, then next week, but it is new style that you don’t like.

    I also don’t like clothes shopping, so 1-2 times a year is enough for me.

    However, I’m like Vince in that some of my clothes look a bit ragged. I do try to put those pieces aside for when I am outside gardening or creating a mess. But, I do stash those old shirts in a different place, just so I don’t go out in them.

  10. 10

    lw says

    My Pop used to wear the same type of clothes every day– dark tee shirts with pockets in them, and a big cardigan sweater and work pants. But there were enough for him to wear a clean one every day.

    In high school in the 70’s, my brother wore his shirts until they had holes– and Mom would one day find they had “torn” pretty badly in the wash. I was home sick one day eating breakfast and got to see how the machine “tore” them up. I think it was the glee on her face as she ripped the shirt to shreds that really set that memory in concrete.

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    Jackie Hicks says

    Same with me – if I find a shirt that works I buy it in every color I like and 2 or 3 white ones. Black slacks for work, kakhi and jeans for casual and a dress or 2 every couple of years – that all a girl (or least this girl) needs. Now sandals are a different story!!!!

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    My Dh wears Button-up shirts mostly plaids. The family likes to find new color combos for him. If I see some at the Thrift store I get a bunch too, he’s just not fussy. As long as they are clean it doesn’t matter, right? Makes laundry sorting easy too. Maybe he could get “lime” green to go with your kitchen, since he’s cooking now.

  13. 17


    I have been guilty of buying several of the same thing BUT in different colors or prints. I don’t feel that is weird, BUT..I do have to say I find it a bit weird to get many of the same thing AND in the same color, too. LOL

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    Not for a guy!

    I made the comment to my son’s roommate (as we were moving DS Nick out) that I have never seen him in ANYTHING but black shorts, black Tshirt and black shoes. He said that he gets so dirty that black is his color to hide all the dirt. If it is really hot he will wear a gray shirt. That’s it! His entire wardrobe. Nick says the guy probably only owns one pair of long pants.

    Now, my DH wears his “house” uniform of shorts, slaps, and a tank top or T shirt 95% of his off-work time, year round. Mind you, they are different sets but I have to ban some torn, holey or stained stuff if we are leaving the house together. No kidding about the year round stuff: I will be next to him on the couch in the winter with sweats, socks, slippers, a shirt and a sweatshirt and he will be just as comfortable in his “usual”. Of course, this is SoCalif so it isn’t freezing weather!

    Men, gotta love ’em!

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    lynne says

    my DH wear white T shirt and jeans every day and his idea of dressing up is a black T Shirt
    Tones only in my life at least you have color

  16. 20


    Around here it’s orange t-shirts–construction worker/hunter orange. The “uniform” does make shopping easy. I can’t say much though, I have my pants and t shirts. I just vary the colors. 🙂 Simple pleasures.
    And Vince is so darn cute in his green. 😉

  17. 21

    Vicki S says

    Wash ’em. Dry ’em. Fold ’em. Replace when necessary. It doesn’t get much easier.

  18. 22

    Donita Q says

    No. I went to Greece last summer with my ex-husband and our daughter. My ex-husband wears only 1 kind of shirt- a white Ralph Lauren polo. At first people on the trip were joking that it was his uniform. Not realizing he had brought a clean one for every day- someone asked me if he had brought only 1 shirt for the 2 week trip- did he rinse it out and hang it to dry every night!

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    Becky R says

    Heavens no. It’s kick around the house attire. Must be comfy for sure. Is he color blind? Not that it matters. When I change my clothes after work each day I usually put on the same thing for a week. It’s just a few hours so they don’t get dirty, normally anyway. I guess if I found a good deal likje he did when he purchased the shirts I might have more of the same thing too.
    Shows he a very secure person! way to go Vince.

  20. 25


    Ok, Judy – not every day! In all fairness, I didn’t even get a glimpse of the green shirt when you and Vince were in Indy!

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    Sheila says

    I’m with the majority of commenters here. I have an after-work ‘uniform’ of grey t-shirts and dark pants. I’m sure my neighbors think I don’t own anything else, but who cares?

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    Ken had a favorite “lucky” shift. He wore it until there were holes in the armpits. I fixed them. wore it some more. Was nothing left to stitch together–still wanted it fixed. I threw it in the rag bag. He dug it out and wore it again. Next time–I CUT IT UP!!. Yes, I’m sure he got over five years out of it!