Short Trip Down Memory Lane

This is why I love blogging.  Going back through my blog all the way to 2004, there were so many pictures that made me smile.

2006 – He graduated from high school and he was not happy that I wanted to take his picture.  I can just about guess what he was thinking.  Heck, back then, he wasn’t happy with anything I did!  Thank goodness things are better now.

This was his high school ID.  Does that photo look anything like my son?  I didn’t think so!

A storm blew the ridge vent completely up  on our new roof and water was pouring in.  Once the rain stopped and the roof dried a little, Chad climbed up on the roof to try to fix it til the roofer could get there.  Memories!

My tiny little kitchen at our how in town in KY.  This is where I cooked 99% of our meals for 5 years so don’t tell me you can’t cook in a small kitchen.  The microwave was in the garage!

One year after Hurricane Rita, this is the condition of a hotel where we spent a week!  Not a good place to spend a week.  The inside was as bad as the outside.

See why I have so much fun blogging . . my whole life since 2004 is right on the internet . . for the world to see but also for me to go back and read and smile at the memories.


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    Shelley C says

    Six years makes such a difference in our children. They grow so much in that time; not only physically, but in all the other areas as well. Love to see how God is working in their lives! Chad had become quite the young man; soon he’ll be bringing you home a ‘daughter’ as well! 🙂 Hard to believe….I know!

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL at the HS ID. my guess is that Chad (or someone) stuck that pic on top of his just for a joke.

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    Judy, I did the same thing, not too long ago — went back through old posts and enjoyed the memories! I keep all my digital pictures on my pc, but somehow, seeing the ones I put on my blog, along with their respective stories, is special. Have a great weekend!! 🙂

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    What a fun thing to do. I haven’t looked way back on my blog for a long time. I just did and it’s been 4 1/2 years since I started. Fun to see the changes in the blog, my quilting and myself. Thanks for the trip idea Judy L.
    I think Chad is just as cute now as he was then. 😉 He he has grown into a fabulous adult! I know you are proud of him.

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    LOL I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Chad’s HS pic and read your post. It was like reading about my own son! I did not get one decent picture of David at his HS graduation. Afterwards, as we were in our car getting ready to leave, we saw him walk to his car and throw away his cap & gown in the trash! He was so done with HS. That was in 2005. He is now a junior at Cal Berkeley studying mathematics. Gotta love our boys!