Stash Report – August 28, 2010

This is the kind of week I should be having every week!  I do wonder . . at what point should I see a difference in my stash.  I’ve used over 270 yards net and cannot tell one difference in my stash.  In fact, I think there’s more fabric than before!  Maybe it’s just a bigger mess.  I want to see a difference . . I want some empty shelves!

Used this Week: 15.75 yards
Used year to Date: 427.75 yards
Added this Week: 8 yards
Added Year to Date: 156 yards
Net Used for 2010: 271.75 yards

Here’s the list of what I used this week:

So . . how did you do this week?


  1. 1

    pdudgeon says

    wow! if those figures were from my stash, it would probably be half of what i have on hand. (and my hubby thinks that is too much)
    LOL, don’t look now, but i think you have a quilt store lurking in your basement, Judy.

  2. 2

    liz says

    Maybe you need to post pictures from the beginning of the year and now. We might see a difference, even if you can’t!!!

  3. 4


    I can’t believe you’re almost at 300 yards. It’s okay that you don’t see empty shelves yet, lol. I know that I could get rid of 300 yards without seeing a significant change, he he he.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. 8


    Your stash report looks great – and if you really, really need empty shelves, well, you can buy some 🙂
    Am I loosing my mind or are we in week 34? That’s what happens to me when I am out of town…

  5. 9


    So the math geek in me wants you to do a quick (ha!) calculation of how much fabric is on one of your shelves 🙂 Then you could see how long it would take to empty it!

  6. 10


    You have great numbers. I’m just started moving mine 🙂 For me to see more shelf space is to STOP saving those little scraps that can still be used is a scrappy quilt. I have to much fabric for this lifetime.

  7. 11


    Your numbers are looking great – you’ve accomplished so much this week — with all the other things you do. How do you do it all?

  8. 13


    I’m with you on the stash issue. I’ve used a lot (although less than you) and I can’t see any difference. My number of UFO’s doesn’t seem to be decreasing any either.

  9. 14


    This probably is an strange question, but I can’t help wondering where all the fabric you use goes. I mean, you use fabric and make it into quilts, but then you would end up with a lot of quilts which just take up more space. Even if you make them entirely from stash, you still have to buy batting, thus adding to the volume and the space it occupies?

  10. 15

    Margo says

    Judy – your stash numbers this week are just amazing! I enjoy how you continue to inspire to sew up our fabrics! Thank you.

  11. 16


    I like to do handwork on cold winter nights, and read a book under the electric blanket. Empty shelf envy?? Well, I would want it too if some fairy came along and organized it all. Big piles at my house too where I’ve been looking for “something”.

  12. 17


    That’s a bit scary that you can’t see a difference. Is there more floorspace perhaps (that’s what would make a difference first for my stash…)

  13. 19


    That’s a lot of fabric! I don’t see much difference in my sewing room except that it’s a little more organized. There is absolutely no room for any more fabric. I would have to pile it on the counter and cutting tabler. Oh wait, it is piled on the sewing table but once I get a few more things out of here, there will be a little more room.

  14. 21


    I’m still working on Triangle Madness; What will I do when I finally finish? EQ7 says it would take 35 yards to make this quilt….100 x 100! How is that possible?

  15. 22


    This is my first time posting, so my numbers are small. It feels a little like cheating since my stash is pretty big, but I like the idea of keeping track in this way. Keeps me honest.

  16. 24

    Darlene S says

    Judy, I’m again impressed with your stash numbers. My stash report did not move from last week. I am doing a fair amount of sewing, bu nothing is getting totally finished yet. Hopefully soon. I know, I said the same thing weeks ago!!! But there is a finished quilt coming in my sewing room, I know it! I just have to stick to one project at a time, right???

    I also want to tell you that I agree with your not traveling and staying home more. I am sooooo thankful that I got the opportunity to meet you in person, take a workshop and hear you lecture at our guild meeting. You are a breathe of fresh air and I will always enjoy you through your blog. You have inspired me to do so many things — make better quilts, knit socks, bake bread more often, try great recipes and so many other things too numerous to mention. My only regret is that I did not discover you SOONER!!! Don’t ever change your enthusiasm for life. It is infectious and we love you girl! Dar in MO