Chicken Field Trip

The garden is history.

There’s one jalapeno pepper plant left and it’s loaded.  On the average, I use one pepper a day when cooking so I doubt I use all the peppers on this one plant before a frost gets it.  That’s my optimistic view of hoping winter gets here soon!  🙂  Seriously, that little plant probably has close to 100 peppers on it.

In the evenings, we let the chickens in the old garden spot and they have a ball.  They find tomatoes and weeds.  The ground is soft and they can scratch and dig.

Here’s Ruby asking me if they can camp out in the garden spot tonight!  No way girl!  Do you know how many critters would love a fresh chicken dinner?  All chickens get safely locked inside the coop at night!

They do love going in the garden but they’re always happy to go back to their run.  That’s home to them and as we all know, it’s fun to visit exciting places but there’s no place like home!


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    Karen says

    I store my peppers and chillies in pure virgin olive oil. Just place peppers or chillies in one or more storage jars and fill them with olive oil. Use peppers and flavoured oil as one needs. Hope that helps, Karen.

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    What lucky chickens! I can just imagine them scratching around to see what they can find. And I’m with the chickens…I love to travel, I love to visit, but there’s no place like home.

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    Greg says

    Maybe you can roast the peppers over a flame, then steam them in a bag, rub the charred skins off, remove the seeds and then marinate in oil? That’s what I do to make roasted red peppers. I store them in the refrigerator. But this might just be a nuisance if the peppers are too small to handle. And you still need to use them up quickly.

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    Ray says

    I love the chicken field trip. They are lucky chickens to have you love and care for them!!

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    Love the chickens exploring the garden! My boyfriend’s parents have an abundance of extra peppers as well, and while my family is happy to take most of them off of their hands, they still have lots for themselves. They’re trying different things, like drying them out and pickling them.

  6. 10


    Dehydrate those little peppers! You could chop them up first if you want to just spoon some in whatever you’re cooking. My mother has a pepper bush full of little yellow peppers. I think I’ll ask for them.

  7. 11


    Judy, you can freeze peppers quite successfully. I do it all the time. Just throw ’em in a freezer baggie, and try to squeeze out most of the air. It’s pretty simple, but please feel free to Email if you need more details. Just don’t let the freeze get ’em! 🙂

    Tina in San Diego

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    Rose says

    I’m with you; looking for a cool-down here in MN. Forecast is after Thursday it won’t be more than 70 degrees for next four to five days–I will be very happy!
    How do you get the chickens into the garden? Handcarry each chicken into garden so no one escapes? With chickens in the garden you will get an early start for next year with their natural fertilizer.

  9. 13

    Bec says

    Awwww-I’m embarrassed to admit that I like reading about the chickens exploits almost as much as I like reading about what you get up to. 🙂

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    Peggy says

    I take my hot peppers, any variety, wash them, dry them and pop all I can into a small plastic bag. All goes into the freezer. When I need a hot pepper for cooking I just take one or more out of the bag and chopped it up eliminating the stem. All seeds, skins etc go into my cooking. I don’t let them thaw before chopping.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    The girls look mighty happy! Did you ever try Bob’s pickled jalapeno recipe?